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Dragon Pond Grave Steles

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The scenic area is located in Qu County of east Sichuan Province, with a planned area of 247.5 square kilometers including an water area of 20 square kilometers. There are 8 scenic spots: Dragon Pond, Grave Steles of Han Dynasty, Daqu Pass, Daqu Town, Bameng Mountain, Qujiang River, Mist Mountain, and Wanli Ping. Three touring routes are formed: Natural scene with the Dragon Pond of Huaying Mountain as the center, cultural landscapes with grave steles of Han Dynasty and Daqu Town as the principal part, and an overwater green corridor linking Qujiang.

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How to Get There?
Many regular buses shuttle between the city proper of Dazhou which is 35kilometers away from the scenic spot and Liying District.

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10 Yuan

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