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Huae Mountain Nature Reserve

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Also called Huayue Mountain, Huae Mountain covers an area of 14.2 thousand hectares (218 thousand mus) with the highest peak of Daba Mountain Range, Heavenly Southern Gate at the altitude of 2380.4meters. The main scenic spot is the big funnel-shaped horst mountain body which is one of the areas with typical topography of middle part of Limestone Mountains. Wanshu Ping Funnel, on the northeast side of the main peak Heavenly Southern Gate is a small mountain basin in shape with a two -hectare (over 30mus) wide base and 500-meter high cliffs, which is known as “the biggest funnel in Sichuan” so far. There are many miraculous scenes: the sight of sun rising, the sea of clouds, misty rain, and night rain and snow in the winter. Especially, “the Misty Rain of Huae” and “Rainy Night of Ba Mountain is the best of Sichuan Province. There are over 1000 kinds of rare animals and wild plants. There are over 10 types of rare plants including the most featured ones 1800 meters above the sea level: virgin sea buckthorn forest of thousands of mus, wood and bamboo forests and a–thousand mu rhododendron forests. The fritillaria growing in the Huae Mountain can resolve phlegm immediately which enjoy the fame as“fritillaria cirrhosa ranks the first under heaven among which fritillaria of Huae Mountain comes the best in Sichuan Province”The virgin forest of Huae Mountain is called Gene Pool of Biology of Daba Mountain. The forest was also approved as a provincial nature reserve by the government of Sichuan Province in August 1998.

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Tourists can reach the front gate of the scenic spot by taking bused from the bus station. (Ticket fare: 7.00yuan for one-way trip)

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Recommended Time for Travel: 4hours

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