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Zhenfo Shan in Daxian County

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Located in the middle part of mountain ranges of Qili Gorge, Zhenfo Mountain Scenic Area lies in Fushan Country of Daxian, Dafeng Country, Dongxin Country, Daya Country and Jingshi Town, where the original Temple of Lord Guan was located. In the 15th year of Emperor Qiajing’s reign of Qing Dynasty (1810), ,the Temple of Lord Guan was reestablished as “Dehua Temple” modeled on Buddhist temples. In the 6th year of Daguang’s reign, after expansion the temples were renamed as Zhenfo Shan. The temples were built upon the mountainous typography, consisted of three unconnected halls: the Main Hall, the Middle Hall and the Rear Hall. With a grand scale, exquisite structures, and multi-colored doors and carved eaves, the temples are splendidly and magnificently shaded among the green pines and verdant cypresses. Covering an area of 37 square meters, Zhenfo Shan was ranked as a unit of cultural relics under provincial protection. In 1989, it was approved as a scenic and historic area at provincial-level, which is 30kilometers away from the town seat. The name of the scenic spot was inscribed by General Zhangai Ping, the former Minister of Defense. The scenic area mainly consists of cultural landscapes: Dehua Temple, Jade-Buddha Temple, Buddhis-Monk Temple ,Lingyu Stockaded –Village and etc; and natural landscapes: Rouge Lake, Three-Immortal Rock, Trumpet-Shell Cave, Lotus-Flower Nunnery , Daoji Liang and etc.

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Tourist can take touring minibuses from Daxian to Zhenfo Shan directly.

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Recommended Time for Travel: Half a day

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