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Dazhou Travel Guide

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Dazhou Overview

The city of Dazhou is located in the northwest of Sichuan Province with a population of 6.38 million, and covers an area of 16,600 square meters. As one of the most populous and resourceful cities of Sichuan Province, Dazhou is an important industrial hub of east Sichuan and a commercial center of Qinba area. Because of this, it is known as “the Bright Pearl of East Sichuan.”

Dazhou History

Over its long history, Dazhou has become known as a propitious place for giving birth to brilliant people. In ancient years, Dazhou was part of the Ba area in ancient China. In the 2nd year of Yongyuan during the reign of Emperor He of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220), it was made a county, where later commoners’ districts and prefectures offices of were located. In the Sui (581-618) and Tang Dynasty (618-907), it was renamed Tongzhou.

Through the dynasties of Song (960-1279), Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644), and Qing (1644-1912), it was renamed Dazhou once again. In 1999, the Dazhou area was reestablished as the prefecture-level city of Dazhou. Throughout all these eras, Dazhou fostered a host of scholars: Zhangsi Xun, an author of the Song Dynasty; and Tang Zhen, the thinker and educationist of the Qing Dynasty. Dazhou is also the birthplace of a group of outstanding figures: the poet Wangwei Zhou, Zhangai Pin, and Wei Chuan.

Dazhou Shennong Cave

Dazhou Shennong Cave

Dazhou Sightseeing

Dazhou’s setting is no less impressive than its history. With countless elegant mountains and beautiful rivers, the city is abundant in natural tourism resources including 2 national cultural relics preservation units, 1 national forest park, 4 provincial scenic spots, 3 provincial forest parks, and 1 provincial nature reserve.

Nearby, Baili Gorge in Xuanhan County can compared with the infamous Three Little Gorges of the Yangtze River in Northern China. Batai Mountain and Hua Mountain in Wanyuan City are magnificent, towering, and serene, altogether known as “Emei Mountain of East Sichuan.” The rural landscape of Dragon Pond River is well-known far and near. Finally, stretching over 6 million square meters, the bamboo sea of Five-Peak Mountain in Dazhu County is considered “the root of all bamboo forests under Heaven” according to legend.

Dazhou’s cultural landscape is also well known. The remnants of the Ba people of Luojia Ba in Xuanhan County are key units of cultural relics under state protection, and grave steles of the Han Dynasty in Qu County are nationally protected units, which can be rated as cultural gems of ancient China. As a national AA-Grade tourism area, Zhenfo Shan is famous for the “Trinity of Regions” with temples decorated with carved beams and painted pillars, which can be called the ultimate beauty.

Area Code: 0818

Post Code: 635000

Administrative Division: Tongchuan District, Daxian County, Xuanhan County, Kaijiang County, Dazhu County, Qu County, and Wanyuan City