Dadenghan Stockaded Village of Dai People

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Dadenghan Stockaded Village of Dai people is located 20 km from the City of Ruili and is a beautiful, stockade village of the Dai people. In Dai, the name of the village means the Great Golden Lake or Pond.

The village is considered to be one of the most beautiful and largest stockade villages in Ruili countryside. It has a good reputation as a Natural and Historical Park of the countryside.

Things to Do


The attractive and traditional Dadenghan Stockaded Village is located 20 km from Ruili City on the Shuanglei Road. Tourists can view the dotted hedge fernleaf bamboo from a distance. There is a large stretch of teaks throughout the village. Afloat in the village is the fragrance of the grapefruit flowers. The Dai style slit houses in the village are made with bamboo and are set off by the immense bamboo forest behind.

A Rural Natural Park

Grapefruit blossoms are thick in April in every house’s courtyard in the village. In September and August, the teaks in the village are overhung with a lot of shaddocks. Along with the swaying groves of bamboo, beautiful bamboo houses, the vegetable beds, grass, towering palms and the banyans add a unique natural beauty and radiance to the entire village and paint a beautiful picture. The Dadenghan Stockaded Village is therefore known as a rural natural park.

A Culturally Important Place

The Dadenghan Stockaded Village is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area since it is a village of the ancient Dai people. This is one of the most beautiful and well preserved stockade villages in the area and is abundant in natural resources. The village has plenty of bamboo buildings as well as trees and plants, making it a rural, naturally beautiful location for visitors who want to take a break from the city and observe the simpler lifestyle of the village people. It is also a great place to learn more about the culture and the local customs of the Dai people.

Zang Temple

One of the biggest attractions in the area is the Zang Temple which is located in the forests surrounding the village. It is also the quietest location in the village. The temple had been built during the rule of Qianlong Emperor in the Qing Dynasty. According to legend, Buddha had once preached in this location and had spent a night here. The temple had been built to commemorate Buddha. Zang Temple has a very unique and interesting architectural style. It is a typical building in local Dai style and is much like an ancient palace.

Architectural Highlights

The Zang Temple has a double eaved and three layer roof with a balcony. To the right are the pavilions covered with a roof while to the left are two rooms. The pavilions are connected by a corridor. The building’s architecture is like an ancient palace. The Princess Peacock movie had been shot in this location for outdoor scenes. The place is since then known as the Peacock Palace. Dawn is the most beautiful time to visit the temple. During sunset, the fiery sun rays and clouds creates a spectacular view over the temple roof which looks dazzling.

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The Dadenghan Stockaded Village of Dai People is located along the Shuanglei Road, 20 kilometers from Ruili City.

How to Get There?

Taxis are available from Ruili City to reach Dadenghan Stockaded Village of Dai People.

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All Day

More Tips:

When visiting the Dadenghan Stockaded Village of Dai People, visitors can also explore the Zang Temple located in the village’s forest. The temple is surrounded by mysterious legend and has very interesting, typical architecture.

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