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Hansa Zang House

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For those traveling to the Yunnan Province to Dehong, one of the most spectacular temples that demands time be spent there is the Hansa Zang House. 

To the Dai people, this is a holy site where the new Buddhist monks enter the study of Buddhism and cultivate their knowledge on the teachings of the great Buddha.  It’s located in a remarkably site surrounded by the amazing banyan trees, the beautiful Phoenix Bamboo and among the roots of the Ficus trees.

The Temple

This Hansa Zang House, Zangfang (temple) is one of the more ornate and beautiful temples that is located in the village of Ruili.  The flowered ornamentation along the architecture is beautiful and adds to the grand golden beauty of the temple.  The center spire is surrounded by eight smaller towers that still rise to the heavens as they adorn the center.  Come along into the front door and notice the guardians along each side and take note of the peacocks that are carved into the notches of the door.

As the gates open, the statue of Sakyamuni is found elegantly and gracefully seated, surrounded by his five disciples who were known to attend to his every need.  Look upwards to the ceiling and notice the pageant of white elephants, the beautifully detailed peacocks, and the mythical kylin that parade around the roof and walls of the temple.  Adorned by the graceful flags that hangs along the girder make it that much more majestic.  Notice the beautifully colored decorations that are quite popular with the Dai people.  Everything about this magnificent structure speaks so eloquently of peace, harmony, and beauty.  It is truly the epitome of the artistic beauty of the craftsmen and artisans of the Dai culture.

For those who good fortune is smiling on the on the day of their visit to the Hansa Zang House, a kind and gracious dignitary of the temple will be the guide to understanding the importance of the temple and will even endow a blessing upon those fortunate visitor as the spirit guides him.  The temple is harmonious with the structure and the surrounding landscape, and it’s often referred to as the embodiment of the soul of the Dai culture expressed in a building.  Pilgrims, tourists, and those bound for the assorted festivals gather on a daily basis at this wonderful temple.

Feel the beauty and peace of the gardens surrounding the Hansa Zang House and enjoy the fragrance of the bamboo and the calming sound of the wind as it blows through the branches of the banyan trees and the bamboo.  Very few places on earth will be as peaceful and calming as this wonderful temple.  It is said that the Buddha himself actually preached here and stayed over for one night and perhaps this is why this place has such tranquility about it that others lack.

Traveling to the Temple

Reaching the village of Ruili is generally done by bus or plane or even from ferry from Myanmar.  Once arriving in the village, getting to the temple is quite easy and a short distance from the local guesthouses.

The temple is open daily and during the assorted festivals throughout the year; travelers should expect it to be teeming with visitors from all over the region to participate in the prayers and celebrations.  One of the best times to visit is during the month of April when the grapefruit blossoms are in full bloom, and their fragrance permeates the village.  If an April journey is not possible, August and September are equally beautiful as the teaks are full of shaddocks that add a radiance and wonderful aroma to the village.

It is customary (and appreciated) that donations be made to help with the upkeep of the temple. 

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How to Get There?
You can take a taxi in the city proper of Ruili. The travel will cost you about 12 yuan.

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Best time to visit: In the month of April or August – September

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