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Tiger Jumping Stone

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The Daying River is a very wide river and is blocked by several high mountains, narrowing it into 20 to 40 meters gorge. The narrowest part is about 7 meters wide. High cliffs stand on each side of this river.

According to a legend, a tiger had jumped from a large stone in this river and had landed on the other bank, giving it the name of Tiger Jumping Stone.

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Tiger Jumping Stone is located around 100 km from the Old Town of Lijiang and lies between the Haba Snow Mountain and Jade Dragon Mountain. It is said to be the world’s deepest gorge. Visitors can climb the top of this gorge and look down the steep mountain sides and to the rushing Jingsha River. It has 18 rapids over 200 meters below. The area is divided naturally into three parts. The uppermost and narrowest section is the first one and is located at the mouth of the river. There is a large rock positioned in the middle of the mouth of the river and it is located at the narrowest section of the gorge which is just 30 meters wide.

The Middle Section

According to a legend, a tiger had jumped from a large stone in this river and had landed on the other bank, giving it the name of Tiger Jumping Stone. The river drops by another 330 feet as it reaches its middle section and its flow becomes very rapid. There rushing waters here are thunderous and they slam into the large, sharp rocks, crashing down and forming various whirlpools.

The Third Section

The lowest and the third section is known to be the wildest part of the river. The cliffs in this section are more dangerous and steeper. The river here turns and twists and surges forward vigorously. This creates frothy spews and high waves as the water collides with the rocks. The view inspires adventure and creates a magnificent scenery in this location.

High Road and Lower Road

The High Road in Tiger Jumping Stone is clearly marked and well maintained. It is used by the Naxi local people every day. The road is 22 km long and it offers varied and amazing scenery. The road passes various guesthouses and waterfalls. The Lower Road is newly paved and is 195 km long. Until recently it was just a mule track. From this road the views are quite spectacular but very different from the views that can be seen from the High Road. The gorge itself stretches for around 15 km. It provides the opportunity of drifting peacefully or rafting in its many areas. Due to the different sections and the different speeds of the river water, it is suitable for those who are adventurous as well as those who are just beginners.

Naxi Group

The Naxi local ethnic group has lived around the Tiger Jumping Stone for several centuries. These locals live in various small villages that are spread throughout the people. The Naxi people are well known for their language which is written in Dongba Characters. It is the only hieroglyphic language which is still used in the world today. These ethnic minority Naxi people love to dance and sing. Their music can be heard often echoing throughout the canyon.

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100 km from Lijiang Old Town

How to Get There?
you can take minicars in the county seat of Yingjiang to Mangyun or Mangxian first, and this will cost you about 8 yuan. Then you have to walk for a while.

Ticket Price:

CNY 100

Opening Hours:

8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

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