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Yunyan Stupa

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Yunyan Stupa, also called Manmengdin Stupa, is one of the most important stupas of Theravada in Yunnan. The word Yunyan comes from Dai language and means a place that is propitious, happy and charming. The project of building the Stupa began in 1947 and was completed 8 years later. As a latter-day work, Yunyan Stupa is old-timey and is one of the Key Protection Units of Cultural Relic inYunnan

Yunyan Stupa is situated in the south and facing the north. Walk from the tall green Ficus microcarpa along the cement steps which are as wide as 4 meters and as long as 80 meters to the front of the Stupa, and you will see its panorama. It is a stupa of Burmese style. The foundation bed is square and covers an area of 400 square meters. The Stupa has the shape of a square cone and consists of one main tower and 40 small towers. From the foundation bed upward, the main body has 4 floors. The higher a floor is, the smaller it is. The grand Stupa has the Buddhist culture and Dai traditions  mixed together and is one of the Key Protection Units of Cultural Relic inYunnan.

Yunyan Mountain looks like a hill. It is implicative but magnificent, and covered with flourishing trees. Beautiful bamboos, grass and herbs go very well with Yunyan Mountain.

There are also Munao Stone Ridgepole and Water Splashing Tower which are the symbols of the cultural relics of traditional festivals. From 15th to 17th of every first month of the lunar year is Munao Dance and Song Festival of Jingpo people. Water-splashing Festival of Dai people is celebrated on the 7th day after the Tomb-sweeping Day and will last for three days. At that time, people of all nationalities will dress themselves magnificently, dance and sing, and have a really good time

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you can walk from Yingjiang County or take a cab which will cost you about 10 yuan.

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