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Dehong Travel Guide

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Dehong Overview

The Autonomous Region of Dehong for Dai and Jingpo People, located in the southmost part of Yunnan Province, borders Burma with a boundary line more than 500 kilometres long. It governs two cities and three counties among which Luxi City and Ruili City have both been given the honourable title of Excellent Tourist City in China. Covering an area of only more than 10,000 square kilometers, Dehong boasts featured customs of minorities, colourful culture, long history, and beautiful natural scenery; and therefore, it is famous both at home and abroad, and is called Hometown of Peacocks, Hometown of Legends, and Hometown of Songs and Dances.



Dehong is bordering Burma. It is true that there are mere stones along the boundary line, but it is also true that harmonization does exist as if there is no barrier. Stockaded villages of the two countries stand side by side; veins of one country may creep to the other, and hens may lay their eggs on the other side of the boundary line. There is even one family who has a mere stone in the courtyard so that they have to have their meals in China during the day and sleep in Burma at night. Other interesting phenomena like one well and one island lying in both countries would make your journey even more exciting. You can even have such experience as stretching your foot abroad to Burma and then hold it back to China. It is really wonderful.


There are in Luxi City Mangshi Hotel, Jianguo Restaurant and Mangshi Nanjiang Restaurant where you can get accommodation.

There are many hotels and restaurants in Ruili, and most of them are in Nanmou Street and Biancheng Street. Hotels and restaurants such as Caitong National Restaurant, Tiancheng Restaurant and Jiuzhou Hotel can give you accommodation. In these hotels and restaurants you can not only reach all parts of the world directly on telephones, but also handle such affairs as buying plane tickets and train tickets, going through the formalities for touring abroad, and renting taxis and bicycles.

Points for attention

1. If you want to tour Dehong, you have to get the frontier permit or bring your passport first.

2. Because of the warm climate in Dehong, you don’t have to bring too much clothes with you.

3. If you want to buy a Husa sword, you have to do it according to the size stated by the local police before you can take it away.

Reasons for Touring Dehong City

1. You can visit the big natural garden of Dehong which covers an area of 11,523 square kilometers for free.

The coverage of forests in Dehong has reached as high as 62% with abundant resources of plants and animals. So it is also called “big natural garden”, “storehouse of living things”, “genome database of plants”, and “spice kingdom”. In Tongbiguan Nature Reserve grow rare plants such as Cinamonum camphora, Shorea assamica Dyer, and Alsophila spinulosa,

2. It is easy to tour abroad.

Burma is a good choice if you want to tour abroad. The exoticism there will sure give you such a great pleasure that you may even forget to return. The most important is that it is very easy to go through all the formalities for touring abroad in Dehong. If it is urgent, it is even possible for you to go to Burma and then come back to China in one single day. Of course, if you want, you can also drive a car yourself to Jiugu, Mujie and Nankan of Burma via Wandin port or Ruili port. The special tour will sure bring you different experience.

Remember to bring your ID card and photos.

3. You can enjoy real views of minorities

Here you can find beautiful and charming girls of Dai, strong men of Jingpo and their loud and clear voice, elegant peacock dances, melodious tunes of Hulusi, and endless love stories. Dehong has great advantages if you want to have a really good look at Yunnan folk-customs and cultures.

4. You can enjoy all kinds of delicious food of minorities because Dehong is a paradise for gourmands

The minorities in Dehong have depended on their own intelligence and wisdom, and created various delicious food: Fragrant Couch Grass Chicken, Sapie, Vinegary Pa Dish, Burnt Dried Beef of Dai people; Green Feast, Ghost Chicken, and Pestled dish of Jingpo people; Palm Rice Noodle of Achang people. There are so many kinds of delicious food that you will never forget them for the rest of your life.

5. You can take part in the biggest Dancing Party for Thousands of People in the world.

In Dehong, except for Water-splashing Festival, the most exciting Festival is Munao Dance and Song Festival which is a traditional grand feast of Jingpo people. At this time, thousands of Jingpo people stand in long lines. Men wield their swords, and women wave their handkerchiefs, shouting and dancing to certain rhythms. They follow the routes of migration of their ancestors and bash till the daybreak.

Time: Munao Dance and Song Festival is celebrated on the 15th of the first month of every lunar year.

6. Various beautiful natural jades and gems are available here.

Burmese jades are among the most famous jades in the world. Burmese gems are even more well-known. Bordering Burma, Dehong is one of the three gem markets in China.

7. You can live through the winter and prevent sunstroke in the summer here. You can also go abroad and play the golf which will only cost you one hundred yuan.

Thanks to the unique geographical location of Dehong, it is not so cold in winter and not so hot in summer. Many people believe that Dehong is one of the very places which are the most suitable for people to live. So it is wise of those people who are afraid of chilliness to spend their vacations here in winter. In addition, there are golf courses in Mujie and Nankan county of Burma which are bordering Ruili, China, and you just have to spend 100 RMB in order to play a round there.

8. You can go on a pilgrimage in the religious sanctums here so as to get the peace of your heart.

People of both Dai and Deang believe in Theravada. Almost all stockaded villages of Dai have Zang Temple and stupas. Tower temples also become a beautiful cultural scenery in Dehong. Whenever you come here, have a good look at the colourful stupas, listen to the echos of breeze going past the top of the towers, and you can at once feel goodliness and peace of your heart. All the prosperity, fickleness, kindness and enmity of the human society will be cancelled totally

Stupas and towers spread all over Dehong. Zangxiang Temple in Ruili is said to be one of the eight temples where Sakyamuni has preached in person. Bodhi Temple in Mangshi has greeted the tooth relic of Buddha. The four Guangmu Towers of Jiele and Nongan in Ruili, Jingkan in Longchuan, and Dongshangyun in Zhefang are said to be the Dagoba of Sakyamuni’s four metempsychoses as golden bear, mandarin duck, jade rabbit and golden peacock. Tower Wraped in the Tree in Mangshi is the curiosa among all towers. Mengding Tower in Yingjiang, with characteristics of different stupas in Burma, is among the best towers and well-known throughout the world.

9. You can come here to carry out scientific researches in sociology, anthropology and folklore.

Before the liberation, most mountain areas in Dehong were still in the primitive society when people had to engrave symbols on the wood to keep a record of events. After the liberation, led by the policies on nationalities of Chinese Communist, the people of all nationalities went into the primary stage of socialism. Therefore, here remain many living fossils of different social formations which make Dehong an ideal place to get first-hand materials and do scientific researches in sociology, anthropology and folklore.