Deyang Confucian Temple

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Located in central South Street of Deyang city, Deyang Confucian Temple is one of the best preserved Confucian temples in Chinese western district. Covering an area of 29,700 square meters (about 50 mu), it is composed of outside temple square, the Great Accomplishment Hall, the Enlightening Hall, etc. Among them, there are 30 ancient constructions built in Qing Dynasty. Deyang Confucian Temple was first built in the second year of Kaixi of Song Dynasty (1206BC). The repeated improvements and expansions in Song and Qing Dynasties have turned the temple into a palatial palace, with the layout of the 30th year of Daoguang, Qing Dynasty.

The temple which faces the south looks just like a palace with red walls and yellow tiles. There are various stone carvings and wooden sculptures in it, which are of considerable artistic and historic value. Tourists can visit not only the grand construction of the Confucian Temple, but also the statue of Confucius, the statues of 12 philosophers and different musical organs. Those organs are used to offer sacrifices to gods exhibited in the Great Accomplishment Hall. Besides, visitors can see the exhibitions of Confucius' whole life and that of his 72 disciples. This temple is open every day and offers such services as tour guide, picture-taken, tourism souvenirs, etc. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to watch the dance which imitates the ancient people offering sacrifices to Confucius.

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