Leling Ecological Tourism Districts

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Crisscrossed roads thread in the orchard equipped with water and electricity. Village sits in organized and rational arrangement, appearing a picture of garden within woods, and village within garden.

In summer and autumn, the reflection of the jujube orchard veils the dawn sky, appearing magnificent colorful scenery. Literati and artists of each dynasty favored Leling Jinsi jujube. The unique natural beauty of the large-scale jujube orchard and elegance of Jinsi jujube has been renowned since ancient time.

Stands in the plain of northwest Shandong Province, Leling city won its international fame for teeming with Jinsi jujubes, which is also entitled as ‘jujube paradise within hundreds miles’. Record has it that the planting of Jinsi jujube was started in Shang&Zhou Dynasties, developed in Wei&Jin Dynasties, and bloomed in Ming&Qing Dynasties, 3000-odd years from today. In March, 2000, State Forestry Administration and Chinese Economic Forest Association designated Leling as ‘Home of Chinese Jinsi Jujube’. At present, the orchard has about 13million jujube trees, some of which were planted in Sui or Tang Dynasty, aged over thousand years, some of which were young trees bearing various figures with great value of sightseeing. As an agglomeration in the country, the breeds of jujube trees approach 173.


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All lines lying inside travel sites have been asphalted and beautified crisscrossingly. Traffic is very convenient. Bus No.3 enters into the scenic spot directly

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1. The orchard has Dongzao, Lizao, Daguazao and other cherished fresh breeds, date drunk, date confection, jujube tea, smoked jujube, jujube candy and other date-made food, jujube cake, date conjee, jujube rice dumpling and other snacks. 2. Tokens include picture albums of Leling, knitted hand-bags 3. Dozens of places of interest stand inside the orchard, with service booths attached to meet the various requirements of the tourists, selling snacks, beverages, and tokens. Baizao Garden, Jieyi Garden, and Dongzao Garden offer three fruit-picking sites where tourists can pick the fresh jujubes after paying. 4Best time for tour: All year. 5.Squares of jujube trees in the orchard present themselves in spring’s verdant luxuriance; summer’s pervading perfume; and autumn’s fruitful harvest. All the natural spectacle of the year is too splendid to behold.

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