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Dezhou Travel Guide

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Dezhou Overview

Dezhou city lies in the zone of Ring-Bohai economic circle, Yellow River Delta and Jingjiu Economic Development Belt. It connects economic zone between northern and eastern China, with Beijing and Tianjin to the north; provincial capital Jinan to the south; open coastal cities of the Jiaodong Peninsular to the east; source base of Shanxi Province to the west. It administrates one district-Decheng District, two cities at county level-Leling City and Yucheng City, and eight counties, namely, Pingyuan, Lingxian, Qihe, Xiajin, Wucheng, Linyi, Ningjin, Qingyun, covers an area of 1,0341billion square km. Area code: 0534. Zip code: 253000

Dezhou city has a long history. It is mostly characterized by these 4000-odd years old porcelain basalt which was enjoying a high reputation up to today. It is said that King Yu(a legend hero) has dredged up 9 rivers in the history, of which 5 was inside this district, namely, Gejin, Maxia, Husu, Goupan, and Tuhai. Site-home of King Yu Pavilion lies in the southern Shiliwang village in Yucheng County where is also the birth place of Hou Yi, the legend hero of Dongyi ethnic group in Xia Period. Once in Three Kingdom period, a brilliant writer called Mi Heng of Mi Valley, Linyi County, drummed to condemn Cao Cao bravely, defying the power of the authority. The event was dramatized by the offspring, popularizing among the people today. In Tang Dynasty, the great calligrapher Yan Zhenqin wrote ‘Epigraphy of Dongfang Shuo’ during his tenure as a prefecture chief in Pingyuan County. The noted work has being preserved in the cultural center in Linxian County so far. Wen Temple, the ancient building in Song Dynasty, erects straightly in Xiajin County. All these symbolize the age old history of Dezhou City.