Dongguan Ke Garden

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The Dongguan Ke Garden takes the entire concept of garden to a higher level. Usually, when the word “garden” is heard, people would automatically think that this is a place that is filled with a variety of flowers, plants and trees. True enough, the Dongguan Ke Garden is indeed tattered with different greens which are further beautified by the popping colors of the flowers. However, there is more to this garden that just that.

The main reason why people consider the Dongguan Ke Garden as an impressive tourist attraction is because aside from the tranquil surroundings, this also serves a significant role in preserving the remnants of China’s history. This place holds traces from the past, especially the heritage of Dongguan.

Things To Do

The Dongguan Ke Garden should definitely be included in the itinerary of people who would like to visit Guangdong Province. This may not be a big space to explore but walking around it allows visitors to discover new knowledge.  

The overall orientation of the Dongguan Ke Garden is triangle-shaped. Going here is an ideal way to spend some time in the outdoors. Almost all year round, the climate within this place is usually friendly. There are spots within the garden where tourists can just lounge for a while and feel the friendly sunshine as it touches their skin. This is also accompanied by the cooling breeze.

Aside from enjoying the serenity that the peaceful environment brings, it is also a great thing to go for a leisurely walk around the garden. The Dongguan Ke Garden showcases not only different types of plants and flowers. This is a good site to see various structures which still follow the traditional architecture from ancient China.



All in all, there are 2,200 square meters to check out. Within the space stand eleven pavilions, five ponds, six terraces, three bridges, nineteen halls and fifteen rooms. Some of these spots are always open for public viewing. On the other hand, there are others which may not be accessible, especially because proper maintenance procedures are being implemented within the garden to ensure that the ancient structures are preserved.

Bringing a camera is a must because of all the amazing things inside the Dongguan Ke Garden. Each one of the structures has a unique appeal. Though the façade of the temples and structures have a unifying theme, it is a pleasure to gaze at the intricate design elements of which. The main reason why this is called as Ke Garden is because of the grey bricks which are used in constructing the structures. Most of the buildings in the garden are made of this, with a mix of other materials like wood.

One of the more popular spots in the Dongguan Ke Garden is the Stone Inviting Pavilion. People who go to this place usually make sure that they will be able to spend time here because of it opens up to a jaw-dropping view. Because of the high elevation, being in this spot gives a bird’s eye view of the entirety of Guanchen District.

It is quite amazing that for a place which was built in 1850, this sure does maintain its quaint appeal. It is like being in ancient China because of the very traditional look all over the place.

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No. 32, Keyuan Road, Guancheng District

How to Get There?

Take bus no. L5, L3, L2, L1, C4, C2, 7, 4, 46, 45, 31, 30, 2A, 28, 15, 21, 20, 50, 16, 11, 12, 24, 29, 25, K5, K3, 9, 22, 48, 33, 5, 10

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A half day tour would enable guests to explore the entirety of Dongguan Ke Garden.

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