Humen Bridge

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Coordinating with Weiyuan Fortress from afar, Humen Bridge is the first large-scale suspended bridge designed and constructed by our country, regarded as “the No.1 span in the world” and a trademark of Dongguan City. The total length of the bridge is 15.76 kilometers with main bridge 4.6 kilometers. The bridge floor is of 6 two-way driveways across 888 meters, noted for its superiorly difficult technique of long span and no steel rope hanging.  With the completion and opening of Humen Bridge, Humen and Panyu are connected, making Dongguan the transportation junction connecting Guang Dong and Hong Kong, two banks of the Pearl River as well as Shenzhen and Zhuhai Special Economic Zones.

It was the ancient battlefield of the Opium Wars. In the years of Emperor Daoguang, Li Zexu led soldiers and civilians to built solid barrier across the river so as to defense against invasion. Nowadays, there’s no gunsmoke but blue sky and boundless sea. The deep chasm has turned into a thoroughfare. Boating on the Pearl River, one can see grand bridge across above like rainbow; roaming on the bridge, a panorama view of all beauty falls under your eyes. 


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It is in Humen Town. Take shuttle bus Dongguan – Humen Weiyuan Fortress at Bus Terminal in downtown Dongguan and get off at the terminal. One can get there directly by No.52 tourist shuttle bus.

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