Yixian Villa Scenic Area

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15 kilometers away from towntown of Dongguan City, Yinxian Villa is situated at Licheng development zong in Changpin Town, covering an area of over 500,000 square kilometers. It is of delicate layouts and beautiful natural scenery, with scattered cultural sites which imply the essential meaning of Chinese traditional cultures of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daosim. The Litchi Festival held annually here has attracted millions of visitors at home and abroad. Equipped with a number of modern facilities well, it has become a large center for entertainment, tourism and vacation in Dongguan.

Yinxian Villa is hometown of Li Juesi who was a worthy courtier of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). With chin-Shih degree (advanced scholar), Li Juesi began his official career and served the post of minister of justice at bureau of criminal. Later,as a result of his behavior offering honest advice and rescuing virtuous courtiers, he irritated the emperor and was dismissed from his post. After returning to his hometown, Li Juesi helped people in troubled and poor conditions, wrote books and established his own theories, all of which made significant influence in the area of south China at that time. Owing to this, he was reputed as “hermit in bamboo groves”, thus the name of “Yinxian (reclusive and virtuous) Villa”. The most representative building of Yinxian Villa is Wancui Residence (namely the museum of Li Juesi) where the life track of this virtuous courtier of the Ming Dynasty is reappeared.  

The classical structures and statues at Yinxian Villa are rich in culture connotation embodying  traditional Chinese thoughts of “Confucian, Daoist and Buddhist”. In the scenic area is a statue of Goddess of Mercy Puci, 29 meters in height, sculptured with 2,000 tons of natural white jade, which is the largest one of its kind in China. The Yixian Temple has been very popular. Everyday it greets numerous disciples from different places to burn incenses and worship the Buddha . 

With lights and water change, the delicately-designed Chinese music fountain sprays in various patterns creating different visual effects of more than 100 kinds. It merges in the style of Eight Trigrams of Daoism, well showing the quintessence of Chinese traditional culture.

Along the lake, there’re modern facilities such as barbecue field, tennis court, villas, Snowy Park and Children’s Park, and Yinxian Water Park. One can enjoy the entertainment facilities in natural landscape. The “Song Dynasty Street” inside the scenic area well rebuilt street market in the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). You’ll get a special experience by taking a tour of the street with old tea stores, dye houses, pawn shops, nuts stores, rice stores and grocery stores, everything needed. What’s more, the annual Litchi Festival attracts millions of visitor at home and abroad. Yinxian Villa scenic area It is an ideal place for litchi tasting and recreation. 


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Licheng Lane, Changping Town.

How to Get There?

Go by bus special line Guancheng—Yinxian Villa at Dongguan Bus Terminal
Ticket: RMB7

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RMB50 (including 19 entertainment projects ); RMB60 (including 21 entertainment projects )
Price of student ticket: RMB40
Opening hours: 7am-10:30pm

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