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Dongguan Food

Last updated by  at 2017/4/25

Dongguan Featured Food:

Humen Gao Crab

Steaming is the best way to cook Gao crab. First, get the ovary and digestive glands out of a Gao crab and mix them with unboiled oil. Then cut the crab shell into several pieces, put them on a plate, add to them some minced ginger and shallot, and steam by brisk fire for 10 minutes. After that, remove the ginger, shallot and water off the plate, spread the ovary and digestive glands on the crab shell, and steam by less brisk fire for two minutes. When eating the crab, don’t forget to use minced ginger and vinegar as sauce.

Humen Ma Shrimp

Humen Ma shrimp is well known for its tender and crisp meat. Although small, it is beautifully shaped, crisp, sweetish, and delicious.

Lusi Clams

Lusi Clams is composed of two: barley cooked with clam meat, and clam spinage soup, the latter of which was so delicious that Emperor Zhengde of the Ming Dynasty named it “the most delicious soup under heaven”.

Baisha Oily Duck

Baisha oily duck is carefully made. After feeding it for ten days in autumn, butcher it and then salt it for a night. Next morning, wash it with cold and warm water in turns, and then expose it to the sun for three days. After that, hang it for air-drying. Generally speaking, Baisha oily duck, characterized by white skin and thick meat, is fat but not greasy, but unforgettably delicious. It sells very well in Hongkong and Southeast Asia.

Houjie Sausage

Houjie sausage, carefully made of strictly selected ingredients, is fresh, crisp and savory. The modern Houjie sausage is a good combination of traditional making theory and modern technology. No dirt, no smoke but sterilization have been realized in the process of selecting and mixing ingredients, filling, piercing and tying intestines, and drying.