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The Yellow River Estuary Ecological Tourist Area

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Located on the Yellow River Delta Natural Reserve, the Yellow River Estuary Ecological Tourist Area is home to the world’s youngest, most complete and most typical wet land ecological system and it was approved by the State Council as a state-level natural reserve in 1992. The Yellow River Estuary Ecological Tourist Area is extremely rich in tourist resources: The roaring Yellow River, Mother River of the Chinese nation, runs into the Bohai Sea here and presents an exciting scene; It’s the habitat of more than 1,500 different kinds of wild lives, including 271 kinds of bird (among them some 50 kinds of the most endangered and rare birds such as white swan and red-crowned crane) and is rightly called “Birds Paradise”. In addition to a king of rare wild willow in the country, there is also a vast acacia forest of hundreds of hectares. Meandering thousands of kilometers through the Loess Plateau, the Yellow River contains vast amount of earth and in the end the earth is deposited at the estuary, making the Yellow River Delta the fastest-expanding land in the world and the scene is just spectacular, and the beach is flat and tranquil. All these make the area an ideal place for vacationing, where people can observe the thousands of beautiful birds, watch the tides come and go, walk on the beautiful beach and enjoy the sunset and the Phoebe.

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How to Get There?
Visitors usually drive there. From Kenli (starting point of the Dongying-Qindao Expressway) you first drive eastward and then head north after passing by Yong’an and Huanghekou townships.

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Opening Hours:
8: 00-18:00.

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Best time for tourists: All year round.

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