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Motherwort (herba Leonuri Leonurus)

The herb (a literary translation of its Chinese name is “good-for-mother herb”) is one of the best known of the more than 300 medicinal herbs growing around the Yellow River estuary. Motherwort is regarded in Chinese medicine as “the best herbal medicine in gynecology.” The herb growing in the Yellow River Delta is renowned for its high quality and long-lasting effects.

Yellow River Knife Fish

The fish got its name for its knife-shaped body. Around mid-March (Lunar calendar) each year, the fish would swim several hundred kilometers upstream to lay eggs at the Dongping Lake. The Yellow River knife fish, rich in fat, with very tender meat and a special aroma, is a famous delicacy.


The local clam, also known as “Huage” (colored clam), is one of the most precious seashells. Its meat, white as jade, can be served either raw or cooked and tastes delicious. The clam shells can be made into exquisite souvenirs.

Noodle Fish

Also known as the whitebait, the noodle fish is a special kind of fish found near the estuaries of the two local rivers. The fish looks like flour noodle (hence the name) and has neither scales nor bones. The noodle fish tastes delicious and rich in nutrients and has been treasured as delicacy sea food.

Winter Dates

Local Winter date, a rare and precious fruit, is also known as the “King of Dates” for its large size (an average Winter date weighs 25 grams and is almost as big as a small apple). The ball-shaped fruit is tender, sweet and succulent and contains various nutrients such as proteins, fat, amino acid, trace elements and vitamins and has extraordinary nourishing effects.

Yellow River Hairy Crab

The hairy crab from around the Yellow River estuary is rich in nutrients and of great medicinal value. Besides, it is also an important industrial raw material. The hairy crab was honored as “China’s Famous Aquatic Product” at the China International Agriculture Fair in 1999.

Guangrao Thornless Cucumber

Cucumber grown in Guangrao has no thorns and contains plentiful of nutrients including sugar, amino acid, carotenes, vitamins B and C, minerals such as calcium, phosphor etc. It contains twice as much vitamins B and five times as much vitamins C than watermelon and can effectively lower blood pressure and cholesterol level. More over, Guangrao cucumber can also help lose weight and beautify the skin.

Freshwater Turtle From The Yellow River

the crustaceous crawler has long been regarded as a delicacy for its tender meat and superb taste. What is more, the turtle is also believed to be of great invigorating and restorative functions because it contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements and all parts of the turtle can be used as medicine. The Yellow River freshwater turtle has been twice honored as “China’s Famous Aquatic Product” at the China International Agriculture Fair in 1999 and 2001.

Oriental Prawn

The prawn is a delicacy. The prawn from the Bohai Sea, called the “Oriental Prawn,” is big in size (usually grows to as long as 20 centimeters), rich in nutrients and tastes delicious and has gained international fame. The sea near the Yellow River estuary is the main production base of the Oriental Prawn.

Qinzhou Lacing

Qinzhou lacing is a traditional product of Guangrao County since the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Silk thread and linen are made into lacing for various fabrics, including table cloth, bedspread, tray pad, tea table cover, couch cushion and others. Guangrao Lacing has over 180 patterns and nearly 1,000 different types and sizes and lacing making in the region is characterized by fine knitting, beautiful patterns and elegant colors, and is widely acclaimed.


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