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Floating on the Qingjiang River

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

Located in the southwest of Hubei province, Qingjiang River originates from Lichuan which is the conjuncture of Chongqing and Hubei, and passes through Enshi, Jianshi, Changyang and other places. It is called Qingjiang which means a clean river because“it is so clean that people can view the sight below 10 zhang (a Zhang equals 10 feet )”.

The whole journey of the floating is 38.5 kilometers in length and its two extreme points in width is 15 meters and 200 meters. The best time to float is between April and October when the stream is more strong and quick at the same time more dangerous. To drift down the river on a rubber boat, visitors will pass 48 dangerous shoals with the biggest drop height of 4 meters and 5 canyons when enjoy the sequestered sights along two sides on the slow stream and the thrilling experience of passing in the splashing wave and running against the big stones on the hurry water. The whole journey will last for 6 hours and visitors can go back to Enshi at the terminal.

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How to Get There?
visitors can get there by bus at the station.

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More Tips:
1.All the valuables are not allowed to take in floating. If they are camera and vidicon, you have to prepare a bag sealed to exclude water. Besides, you have to put on life jacket and helmet while clothes are advised to take for you to change after floating. 2.Recommended time for tourists: 6 hours

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