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Tenglong Cave

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

The Tenglong Cave is a cave cluster, with the Dry Cave and Water Cave as its main scenes. The Dry Cave is about 52 kilometers’ long, and its mouth is 74 meters in height and 64 meters in width, entitled as the largest dry cave in Asia. As to the water cave, it sucks in the water from Qingjiang River, which forms a waterfall like a crouching dragon swallowing all the water and makes the river become a 16.8 km-long underground stream. What is really amazing is that there is only a wall between the two caves.

After field investigations and demonstrations, now the Tenglong Cave is confirmed by domestic and foreign experts in cave as the biggest water-eroded cave in China and one of the special-class caves in the world. The cave is 52.8 kilometers in length with 16.8 kilometers in the Water Cave. The scenic spots are distributed on an area of 2,000,000 sq.m., mainly including the White Jade Stone Forest, Thousand Buddha Palace, Dragon Palace, Pearl Blanket, Flower Spring Water and the “Crouching Dragon Swallowing the River ”Waterfall in the Falling Water Cave which is 75 meters away from the Tenglong cave. At the waterfall, the river becomes an underground stream on which visitors can view the sights on boat.

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visitors can go there by mid-bus as well as take a taxi at the cost of 10 yuan in Lichuan city.

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Recommended time for the tourist: half a day

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