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Tusi City

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

With an area of 300 mu, Tusi City possesses a lot of scenic spots, mainly including Jiujin Hall, Beacon Tower, Bell Tower of Tujia nationality, Drum Tower of Dong nationality, Grand View Garden Gate Tower, Fengyu Bridge of Dong nationality, Hexagonal Pavilion, Tusi Wall, Iron Chain Bridge, White Tiger Statue, Large Garden, Tea Tower and Tea Corridor and so on. Inside it, the comfortable and luxurious four-star hotel and large-scaled amusement park are also available. Thus, it is an excellent tourist resort which combines eating, living, traveling, shopping and entertaining together.

Tusi city is mainly composed of three parts, the national culture display area, religion display area and the entertainment area. In them, all the traditional architectures of Tujia, Miao and Dong nationalities can be seen, which show the different arts of the national architectures and sculptures. The Tujia is Jiujin Hall in the center of the national culture display area combines together the traditional Diaojiao house, Baishou hall, Guanyan hall, academy, porch, drama house and the like. With pavilions of several levels, engraved pillars and primitive windows and doors, it is a synthesis of Tujia architecture, sculpture and painting and the largest Tujia archaize architectural complex with the most typical style and most majestic appearance in the country.

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visitors can go there by taxi at the cost of less than 5 yuan in the urban area.

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1.There are many folkway performances. 2.Recommended time for the tourist: half a day to a day

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