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Enshi Overview

Brief Introduction of the City


Enshi, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture as its full name, is located in the southwest end of Hubei, where live 27 nationalities, including Tujia, Miao, Han and Dong. Surrounded by mountains at all sides, its beautiful natural scenes and unique folkways are well preserved.

Enshi is mainly famous for its picturesque mountains and waters and a kaleidoscope of cafes and holes, such as the Qingjiang River, Tenglong Cave, YuMu Stockacled Village, Li's Ancestral Hall in Dashuijing Village, Primitive Forest on the Xingdou Mountain, Tusi City and the Stone Forest in the Suobuya village. Besides, there a variety of folkways that worthy of seeing, like the dwelling house of Tujia and Dong nationalities, the Girl’s Festival in July, the Gongs and Drums at working time, the Sarhe at funeral, the Hand Swaying Dance at festivals and so on.

Enshi City

Enshi City

District telephone code:0718

Post code:445000

Regionalization: it governs Enshi and Lichuan cities and 6counties, namely Hefeng, Jianshi, Badong, Xianfeng, Laifeng and Xuan’en.

Area: 3972 sq.km

Top Things to Do in Enshi

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Enshi Travel Guide

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posted by "69.172.210.*" at 9/14/2011 9:57:00 PM

I have seen nearly every attraction in EnShi and LOVE it! The city is not overcrowded with foreigners and the locals are very kind and helpful. A new train leading into the city makes travel much easier but you will still need to plan to do a little traveling to the countryside because most sites are nature related and thus require a trip. (It is well worth the time) The Tujia Castle and EnShi Grand Canyon are two of my favorite places but there are also several smaller local sites to see. Ask about taking a trip to the Tower, Wind and Rain Bridge, or Second Street if you are in town. The local tourist agencies can provide translators or you can hire a student from the Hubei University for Nationalities. (most translators in from the agency will be from this school but will have a tour guide license and will be able to go with you to all sites with free admission) Try the local food!!! It is so much cheaper that in the larger cities and the taste is above and beyond.


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