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Ezhou Guanyin Pavilion

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Guanyin Tower, with the length of 24 meters and height of 14 meters, is made of red stone and green brick, which ingeniously merge into one organic whole with Longpanji and seems very grand and tremendous. For thousands of years, it has experienced hardship to the full, and is looking far and wide at the Yangtze River. Whenever there is high water tide, the water inundates the pavilion, only with the high level window remained and even leaving Yanya, Longwen, and Zhongting in the water of vast the Yangtze River. Even though the raging waves and great billows have ruined many well-known buildings, just as is said, “there is Pan dragon in the mainstay” ( the official verse in Qing Dynasty ), for once flood season was gone, it would come out to guard the middle of river.  

“Guanyin Tower”, three forceful large brush-written Chinese characters were carved on the body wall of the tower. Entering into the main entrance, you can see “ Long Pan Xiao Du” four characters engraved on the stele, which was out of the official article in Qing Dynasty( 1616-1911).

The lower half of Guanyin Tower, made of stone, whose shape is like the side of the boat, can not only slow down the power of water, but also release the water in anther direction naturally. It is always stable like Mountain Tai (one of the five highest mountains in China) no matter how the river water strikes against it and roars with rage. The artisans in ancient Ezhou transferred hydromechanics in a marvelous way and used very unique plastic arts, which has attracted and impressed many experts.


The fable of This Scenic Spot:

It is told by the elder in Ezhou that in ancient times, Guanyin Tower could fluctuate along with the tide. There were originally two notches on Longpanji, which were said to be the two great eyes of “the god turtle”, one for producing oil and the other for salt. Afterwards, a greedy handyman in the tower took the chisel to expand the notch caliber to the size of several times to make it produce more oil and salt. But unexpectedly, it blinded the god turtle’s two eyes, thus no oil and salt out any longer; at the same time, Guanyin Tower could no longer fluctuate along with the tide……

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