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Ezhou Museum

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

The entire museum has had the land of 23.69 Chinese acres and established the office, public security department, the archaeology team for cultural relics, overground relics protection department, exhibition and storage department, management department, the tourism department and cultural relic recovery and copy institute, and some other branches.

Through the endeavor of lots of workers of cultural relics and museum, a lot of cultural relics have been found, including 54 ancient cultural relics, 8 ancient buildings, 6 places with engraved stones, 7 revolutionary relics, 5 contemporary memorial buildings, many ancient graves and graves areas. Among them, there are 108 cultural relic preservation units announced by the municipal government, including one national-level, 10 provincial level, and 97 city level.

The relatively influential relic preservation units include: Yitingming precipice with stone inscription, Pengchufan Grave of revolutionary martyrs, King Wu’s City Relics, Guanyin Tower, Former Site of He Long Military Headquarters, Yuliang Building, Wenxing Tower, Town God’s temple and so on. Over 1000 ancient graves have been unearthed. The museum has collected over 20,000 cultural relics, including 56 nation level, 277 second level and 2,331 third level. The relics take the ancient bronze mirror and celadon of Six Dynasties as their features. As both its quantity and rank the best, Ezhou enjoys the reputation of “ the big city of cultural relics”. At the same time, the unearth of over 500 ancient bronze mirrors, which are famous both at home and abroad, gained the laudatory name “ hometown of bronze mirror” for Ezhou.

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Take a taxi or just walk directly there

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9:00 – 16:30

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Recommended Time for Visiting: three hours

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