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Ezhou Xi Mountain Resort

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Ezhou Xishan Mountain, also called Fanshan Mountain in ancient times, was located in the ancient capital of King Wu, i.e. the west part of Ezhou city proper today, thus got the name Xishan Mountain.

Xishan Mountain is neighboring with the Yangtze River to the west, thus faces Chibi of Huangzhou; to the south, there is Yanglan Lake connected with thousands of hectares of blue waves; to the east is flourishing downtown area and to the west is  hundreds of Fanchuan plain, which rises straight from the ground,with river and lake around. Xishan Mountain has almost nine tops and six valleys, with a large number of rounding ranges of hills and luxuriant pines and cedars. Around it are bluish-green gullies and flying waterfalls. The whole mountain is 1.6 kilometers long from east to west and 1.2 kilometers wide from south to north, with the total area of over 4,000 acres, and the main mountain peak is 170 meter high. The six mountain streams of the valley on the top of the mountain connect seven fountains, three ponds, one lake and two waterfalls. The water under Xishan Mountain has very good quality and is available all the year round. Sweet Pusa Spring as well as crisp and tasty Dongpo Cake here enjoy high reputation all over our country.

There are over 20 scenic spots and historical sites in Xishan Mountain, including: King Wu’s Summer Palace, Wuchang Building, Gulingquan Temple and so on.


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How to Get There?
Taking coach from Wuhan to Ezhou at Wuchang station can directly reach Ezhou passenger traffic station and there shift to No1. bus to Ezhou Xishanpo; or you can just take a taxi, and the flag-down fare for the first 3 kilometers is 5 yuan.

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Recommended Time for Visiting: one day

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