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Linagzi Lake

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Taking it as the center of a circle, within the range of 50 kilometers as the radius, we can find Wuhan, Huangshi, Ezhou and Xianning four cities in different sizes scattering around, with Liangzi Lake as a natural “ emerald” inlaid among them.

Liangzi Lake is famous for its water, which is acclaimed as the acme of perfection. It has four characteristics at the same time: first one is called “clean”, i.e. the water is very clean and pure. Whenever there are bright sunshine and gentle breeze, you can see limpid lake clearly. It appears green with the reflection of the sky, and the sunshine makes glistening light of waves; second is its “beautiful”. Lake and mountain connected, water and sky joined, green waves and white sailing boat mingled, all of these are in great harmony, just as is said “water, mountain, lots of boats, and carefree seagulls make a grandiose scene; third is its “spacious”, the neighborhood covers 300 square kilometer during its drought while it can reach to 700 to 800 square kilometers in its season of flood tide. Then it is vigorous and amazing to see mists and ripples of the river, as well as billowy waves; fourth one is “marvelous”, there is island in the lake and wonderful lake on the island, with island in the middle of the lake as well, all of which are very rich in different gradation.

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How to Get There?
Special bus directly for the scenic spot

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Opening Hours:
8:30 – 17:00

More Tips:
1.Recommended Time for Visiting: one day 2.To climb to the top of Yuhuang and watch sunrise is a must for people who climb Mountain Tai, and to have a look at mirage is also indispensable for people who come to the seashore. The same is true here. For sure you cannot miss watching the city from water if you come to Liangzi Lake.

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