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Lotus Mountain Resort

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Lotus Mountain, with 9 peaks connected, get this name since it shapes like a blossoming golden lotus showing its special beauty. It is surrounded by the lakes in three sides and connects the Yangtze River, with chains of mountains covered with trees as well as vast waves around. Lotus Mountain Scenic Spot, where King Wu Sun Quan set Star-watching Stage during Three Kingdoms Period. Besides, many masters in Buddhism in past dynasties chose to practice Buddhism here and the ruins are still preserved.

Lotus Mountain Scenic Spot combined both elegance of the southern gardens and glory (glamour) of gardens in the north. It includes over 30 attractions, like Yuanming Pagoda, Liuhe Garden, and Forest of Steles.

Yuanming Pagoda, which has won the reputation of “No.1 Pagoda in the South”, with the height of 80 meters, has the shape of an octagonal garret, each of which has flying eaves and outstanding angles, covered with golden glaze. The hollow pillar in the middle is exceedingly high, and is also unique here. The body of pagoda is Spotless white, matched with golden eaves, which looks very bright and harmonious. Under every eave, there are 24 Yunlong( kind of dragon graph of figure) arches in each layer from No.2 to 11 layer. And every arch is made of 3 Yunlong. In each layer there are eight red pillars on which eight golden dragons surround one another, each of which shows different appearance, with colored clouds around. Among them, two dragons with phoenix tail in the east side and west one respectively echo each other over a distance. If you climb to the top of this pagoda and gaze at the distant view, you will see an extremely open field of view.

Besides, there are also many other attractions, including: Jielong Altar( No.1 Dragon in the World ), Qifu Hall, Straw Tower, Hezi Wall, Nine-dragon Altar, Tongtian Bridge, Long Life Road, Qiming Palace and Yingfeng Pavilion, all of which have got their own characteristics .

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Visitors can take No. 2, No. 6 or No.8 bus in the city proper

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Recommended Time for Visiting: one day

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