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Wenxing Tower

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Wenxing Tower, also called Wenfeng Tower, got the popular name “ South Gate Tower”. It has 5 stories altogether, with the height of 23.13 meters, and is made of three parts including base, tower body and the spire. The tower base is 2.25 meters high and 7.5 meters in side, with the diameter of 8 meters, which is built with long and narrow stones. It assumes octagonal shape from the base to the spire. The tower body, made of blue brick, is kind of building of upturned eaves style, belonging to octagonal apex-typed brick tower. It’s 19.08 meters high, with 10 steps connected with each other in each story and visitors can ascend the stairs to the spire, which is 1.8 meters high. There are four doors and four windows in each story, and they can view eight sides from it. On the southern side of the tower body is engraved with “Wen Geng” two characters, plain and elegant.

This tower was built in Ming Dynasty Mingjiajing 21st year (1542), for encouraging students to study hard by county magistrate Xiong Deng and teacher Zhu Zan. In Qing Dynasty Kangxi 7th year (1668), Seeing Wengxing Tower was gradually falling into disuse. Xiong Deng decided to rebuild it. So far, it has passed over 450 years and become a city-level cultural relic preservation unit. In 1988, Ezhou People’s Government once appropriated special funds for its renovation.

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How to Get There?
Taxi directly reaching the scenic spot is available, and it costs about 5 yuan.

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Opening Hours:
8:00 – 17:00

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Recommended time for visiting: two hours

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