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Yuliang Building

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The semicircular arch built with huge stones stands across the street, magnificent and vigorous. There are whitewashed walls and grey tiles in the building, with the structure plain and dignified.

It is recorded in Wuchang County Annals that this building was originally the entrance hall of Sun Quan, King Wu during Three Kingdoms period, and so far has got a history of over 1,700 year. It was also called “South Building”, for it located in the south of Wuchang county. It was called mostly “Gulou” or “Drumtower” among the people.

South Building has once been repaired many times in history. During Ming(1368-1644) and Qing (1616-1911) Dynasties, some local officials like Qi Yuanli, Xie Shubin, Xiong Deng and Shao Xialing repaired it once each. Among them, Shao and Xiong had left an article named “Record of repairing Yu Building” respectively. The extant Gulou was constructed based on the original structure in Mingguo period(1911- ), with the inner height of 12 meters, the width of 11 meters and the length of 16 meters, unimpeded for both people and vehicles. After 1983, it was listed as the key protection unit by Ezhou municipal government and thus got special funds to be completely renovated.

Intro to Relevant Character:

Yu Liang (289 – 340), who styled himself Yuangui, lived in Yanling (Yanling county of Henan province today) of Yingchuan during East Jin Dynasty ( 317-420 ). It was recorded in history that he was the one who was nice-looking, outgoing, and his characteristic was just like Zhuang-zi, behaving seriously and systematically. Having heard about this, King Jinyuan called specially for him for an interview. To his surprise, Yu’s elegance was beyond his expectation. In Jin Dynasty, Wuchang is also governed under Jiangzhou, thus Tao Kan, prefectural governor of Jiangzhou lived in Wuchang all the time. Xianhe 9th year ( 332), Taokan who governed Wuchang died and the court appointed Yu liang to take his place as commanding officer for Jiang, Jing and Yu three Prefectures. As Wuchang County Annals recorded, during Yuliang’s government in Wuchang, he built up schools, selected some learned officers; at the same time, he behaved frankly, governed very appropriately, thus got pretty good achievement in his official career. Till Xian Kang 6th year ( 340), he died of illness and so far he had stayed in Wuchang for over eight years. After he died, his younger brother Yu Yi replaced him to govern Wuchang.  And Yu Yi’s brother Yu Bing was also said to be the governor of Wuchang, and they three all carried out some benevolent rules according to the record in history. When Wuchang county was set in Ezhou, there were 8 countries in Wuchang, among which one was called “Xianyu, which was said to commemorate three brothers of family Yu.

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Since this attraction is in the center of the city, you can walk 15 minutes after getting off the coach to go there; you can also take a taxi or motorbike.

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1.Recommended Time for Visiting: 2 hours 2.The most famous food here is Dongpo cake.

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