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Ezhou Travel Guide

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Ezhou Overview

Ezhou,which covers an area of 1.504 square kilometers with a population of 1.05 million, is one of the most important port cities in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, and also famous as the hometown of blunt-snout bream and archaic bronze mirror.

As a tourist city close to the Yangtze River, Ezhou is the one of great beauty, with mountains, rivers and city as an integral whole. It has the natural scenery of landscape based on Xishan Mountain, Liangzi Lake and Yanglan Lake; the attractions of historic sites including Yitingming Precipice, King Wu’s City, Guanyin( Goddess of Mercy)Pavilion; the humanistic sights represented by some historical celebrities like Sun Quan, Yuan Jie and Su Shi; and Buddhism attractions symbolized by Gulingquan Temple which is the birthplace of “ Pure Land Sect ” in Buddhism as well as the birthplace of the famous hometown of archaic bronze mirror all over the country. All of these have made Ezhou an important city along “Sanguo (Three Kingdoms Period) tourist Line” and “Yangtze Tourist Zone”, and one of the very important part of Chu Culture Tourist Area of Hubei province as well.

Ezhou City

The Beautiful Ezhou City

Ezhou is one of the birthplaces of Chu culture. As the former capital of King Wu in Three Kingdoms Period (220–280), Ezhou has quite a lot of historic sites, with various humanistic cultures gathered together. Sun Quan left many historic cultural sites for posterity, including the relics of King Wu’s City, the relics of Haotang, the one of King Wu’s Reading Room, King Wu’s Summer Palace, King Wu’s Throne-ascending Forum, Jiuqu Pavilion, Guangyan Building, Sword-testing Stone, Sanhua Beach, Fishing Terrace , Fankou, King Wu’s Troops Station, Drill Ground, etc. At the same time, there are a large number of cultural and artistic works, poetry, paintings, and popular legend represented by "Romance of the Three Kingdoms” (name of a classic novel) which added strong flavor of Three Kingdoms and Wu cultures to the city. In addition, the historical figures represented by Sun Quan, Ge Hong, Yuan Jie, Li Yangbing, Su Shi and Huang Tingjian, as well as Ezhou Cultural relics preserved in Xishan Mountain, Liangzi Lake, Yanglan Lake, Zhaoshan Hill have both made our city the one of typical Three Kingdoms culture and Wu culture in our country.

Area Code: 0711

Zip: 436000

Nationalities: Among over 20 nationalities, the population of Han people covers 99 percent of the whole. The main minorities include Mongolian, Hui, Miao,Tibetan, Zhuang, Korean, Man, Dong, Yao, Bai, Tujia, etc.

Administrative Divisions: Ezhou city administers Echeng Huarong, Liangzi Lake three districts of country level, Hubei Gedian High Technology Development District and a Changgang District of country level.

City Tree: camphor tree

City Flower: plum blossom