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Business Hours

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Business hours refer to the hours during days when a company, a business or an institution do business or handle office business. Business hours vary by countries or by different industries.

Business hour in history

Different from modern business hour, ancient hour has no weekdays and weekends. The business hour in history is called Kai shi-opening after a cessation of business and Da yang-closing the store at night in trading industry while it’s called Shang chao-meeting the Emperor in the imperial court.

Emperor and officials:

In Han Dynasty, officials had one day to rest after a five-day business hour, which is called Xiu mu. But it was changed as ten-day business hour to have one day to rest since Tang Dynasty. In Ming and Qing dynasties, Shang chao was held every day without an exception.

On the morning, officials should wait for Emperor at Meridian gate at 3-5 am. And the Emperor will wake up at about 5 am, which is call five watches of the night. In generally, the time of hold court is 5-7 am.


In Tang Dynasty, when the drum was stroke for 200 times at noon, it means opening the market and merchants started their trading. When a shoko was stroke for 300 times as the sunset was around the corner, merchants should close the store for night.

Since the 12th century, there were commercial activities from early morning to night in cities, which meant that the business hour of trade was not limited by government.

Importance of business hour

Business hour is like an invisible hand which guides every industries or trade to operate regularly, so its importance is obviously.

In the first place, regular business hour can help people to grasp the time of a store or attractions being opened and closed so that they can travel according to plan.

In the second place, business hour regulate the work and rest time of employees, so that they can separate work and their family.

The last but not least, special business hour is an invisible asset to present the feature of a store or attraction and attract customers.

Tips for tourists about business hour

  1. In general, the business hour of banks of China is 8:30am-5pm or 9:00am-5pm with suspending business on Sunday or Monday. If you couldn’t ensure your money is sufficient to travel more than a week, prepare more money previously.
  1. Before you travel to an attraction, inquire of the business hour of it so that your will not return in low spirit. For example, the business hour of Guilin Merry land is 8:30-17:30. If you fear that you can’t enjoy yourself to the full, go there as soon as early.
  1. Some stores or attractions have their own irregular day off. Check those before you go to avoid kissing the post.
  1. Generally, the business hour of KFC is 24 hours in most of the China cities. If you are hungry or can’t find places to settle down, you can choose to stay there. At least, there is warm and can serve you food and drink.