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China Airline Baggage Allowance

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The free baggage allowance (including check-in baggage and hand luggage) for each passenger mustn’t exceed 20 kilograms for economy class, 30 kilograms for business class and 40 kilograms for first class. The total weight of hand luggage for each passenger mustn’t exceed 5 kilograms, and the volume of each baggage mustn’t exceed 20×40×55 cm.

baggage transportation

Baggage transportation

For international flights, the hand luggage mustn’t exceed 7 kilograms. First class passengers are allowed to carry 2 pieces of hand luggage, but passengers in other classes are allowed to carry only 1 piece. The weight of unchecked baggage mustn’t exceed 10 kilograms and the volume for each piece mustn’t exceed 20×40×55 cm. The weight of each piece of check-in baggage mustn’t exceed 50 kilograms, and the volume for each mustn’t exceed 40×60×100 cm. The excess baggage must be asked for permission in advance. Besides, passengers in group are allowed to combine the baggage allowance once they check in together.

Prohibited Articles for Baggage

The prohibited articles for both check-in baggage and hand luggage include explosives, controlled knife, combustibles, poisons, corrosive materials, radioactive substances, dangerous goods, edge tools, animals, lethal weapon and arms.

baggage examination

Baggage examination

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Besides, vital document, important data, diplomatic pouch, securities, currency, bill of exchange and valuables are prohibited to put in check-in baggage.

Carry-on Articles for Daily Use with Limited Quantity

The carry-on articles for daily use that passengers can carry include 1 bottle of fixature or collar cleaner (350 ml), 1 bottle of mousse or brightener (350 ml), perfume (500 ml), 1 bottle of insecticide (350 ml), 1 bottle of air freshener (350 ml), 5 lighters and 5 safety matches. The total volume or weight of the above articles mustn’t exceed 1,000 ml or 1 kilogram.