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China in April

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April is ranked as one of the best months suitable for touring in most areas of China, with warm weather and beautiful natural scenery. If March is the beginning of spring, spring is at its best in April. In many areas of China, fragrant blossoms are in full bloom and fruitful trees are blooming. Most of people tend to take outdoor activities or go Spring outing, enjoying the bright spring sunshine.

In North China, the weather becomes more comfortable than that of March and February. However, it snows sometimes and some areas of North China start to suffer sandstorms. The temperature in Beijing ranges from 7 to 19 ºC. In South China, the really warm weather and natural scenery attracts numerous tourists to appreciate the natural beauty and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Meanwhile, the rainy season begins in some areas of South and Central China, such as the rain in Yangtze Delta causing floods at times. The temperature in Guilin of Guangxi Province ranges from 16 to 23 ºC and from 19 to 25 ºC in Guangzhou of Guangdong Province.

April Packing Suggestion

North: It is warm in the day, but cold in the evening. Thus, tourists need to wear sweaters, warm underwear and overcoats. The temperature may range from 6 to 20 ℃.

Central: Tourists need to bring light coats and raincoats because it’s always damp and humid.

South: It is very warm and a little bit humid in South China. Light coats, T-shirts and long-sleeve clothes are enough.

Why Visit China in April?

1. April is one of the most comfortable months for visiting China, which is neither too cold nor too hot. Tourists can enjoy the warm sunshine and cool spring wind in China.

2. In many areas of China, tourists can appreciate the beautiful flowers in full bloom and trees turning green. Besides, the unique natural scenery in South China is at its best during this month.

3. A number of flower festivals are held in April every year when tourists can gladden their heart and please their eyes in an ocean of blooming flowers.

Beware of Some Conditions during an April Visit

1. The continuous drizzle in some areas of South China may bring some trouble to tourists, delaying the journey sometimes. For example, the Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo may be delayed or canceled if the water level of the river is considered too high. The Yangtze Cruises will change course if heavy rain cause floods in the area.

2. Due to the rainy season in some areas of China, tourists had better bring umbrellas and raincoats with them, which may cause some inconvenience to tourists.

Top April Destinations


Guilin, celebrated as China's most picturesque city, becomes very warm in April with the temperature ranging from 16 to 23 ºC, quite suitable for sightseeing. It features intermittent drizzle during this month, adding enchantment and fascination to Guilin. Tourists can boat on the famous Li River which is listed as one of the world’s top ten watery wonders by America’s National Geographic Magazine. Besides, in April, peach blossoms in full bloom are all over the mountains in Gongcheng County in southeastern Guilin. Gongcheng County boasts exquisite ancient architectural complex, ethnic customs and the peach garden.


The peony cultural festival is held in April in Luoyang annually. It’s said that the peonies of Luoyang are the best all over the world and the air of the whole Luoyang City is filled with rich fragrance during the blooming season of peonies in April, when hundreds of thousands of tree peonies show their glamour and grace. Every year, numerous visitors at home and abroad travel to Luoyang to gladden their heart and please their eyes in an ocean of blooming peony flowers in April.


From March 1st to April 5th, in Guizhou, the rape flowers grow on terraces by mountains. Seen from a distance, an ocean of rape flowers snaking through all of the terraces, form a unique picture. It is an ideal place for experiencing pastoral scenery. There are annual rape flower festivals in April in Anshun.

Besides, in April, the local Miao people celebrate their Sister's Meal Festival, with reach ethnic characteristics. Tourists can go to participate in the festival, enjoying a unique journey.


Kunming is celebrated as the City of Eternal Spring for the weather in Kunming is comfortable all the year round. Kunming boasts numerous various flowers due to the favorable weather. In April in Kunming, tourists can not only visit some world-famous places of interest, but can also appreciate various kinds of blossoms, many of which are precious and rare.


Lijiang is popular for its fantastic scenery. In the gentle breeze in April in Lijiang, strolling in Baihua village and in the street of Lijiang Ancient Town and enjoy picturesque landscape of lakes is a good opportunity for relaxing yourselves.

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