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China in February

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In February, there is a grand festival of China, Chinese New Year, called spring festival by Chinese people, is the most important traditional festival in China and usually falls in February when all the members of every family go back home for reunion. Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the first lunar month (usually in late January or early February) and ends on the 15th day of the first lunar month (Lantern Festival). Weather-wise, it is still very cold and chilly in February in North and Central China. In South China, there is affluent rain.

February Packing Suggestion

North: The temperature is still very low, especially in North China. The temperature of Beijing ranges from -7 to 4ºC. Thus, tourists had better bring down jackets, cotton wadded jackets and cotton-padded shoes with them.

Central: Though the lowest temperature can exceed 0℃ (32F), warm clothes such as down jackets and cotton wadded jackets are still needed.

South: The temperature ranges from 11 to 18 ℃ in Guangzhou of South China. Thus, thin woolen sweaters and trousers and long-sleeve coats are enough.

Why Visit China in February?

1. The grand festival, Chinese New Year falls in this month. Thus, there are of course a number of various activities and temple fairs held in many cities in celebration of the New Year festival. Tourists can experience the unique traditions and customs of the ancient country in person.

2. The world-famous Harbin Ice and Snow Festival hasn’t finished. Tourists can appreciate the Ice Lantern Exhibition, admire Snow Sculpture on the Sun Island, Watch Winter Swimming Performance and take part in Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival.

3. The weather in South China starts getting warm, proving a relatively favorable weather condition for travelling.

Beware of Some Conditions during an February Visit

1. As the Spring Festival falls in February, there are a large number of people traveling between home and work. Thus, spring travel rush occurs in this month. It’s not easy to get a ticket either by train, plane or bus. People always find it so difficult to get a ticket. The shopping areas are crowded and there is a shortage of hotel rooms.

2. It is still very cold in most areas of China, especially in North China.

Top Destinations in February


In February, the temperature in Guangzhou ranges from 11 to 18 ℃, which is not so chilly. During the festival in February in Guangzhou, the local people and the tourists from home and abroad go to Guangzhou to spend the New Year Festival. They can enjoy a spectacular display of fireworks in celebration of the spring festival on the first day of the first month of Chinese calendar and participate in the Flower Fair. Besides, tourists can also enjoy the lion dance performance which is one of the most exciting activities in Guangzhou, bringing people good luck and breaking misfortune in the following year.

Hong Kong

The average temperature of Hong Kong in February is about 16°C (61°F). During the Spring Festival period, there held a number of unique celebration activities which are different from that of mainland China, such as the magnificent fireworks display at Victoria Harbor, the Chinese New Year Parade, strolling in night-long flower markets, New Year horse racing, shopping and New Year prayers.


In February during the Spring Festival, Beijing abounds with a number of featured temple fairs in celebration of the festival, such as Chaoyang Temple Fair and Dongyue Temple Fair. In the temple fairs, various performances and booths demonstrating traditional arts and crafts is the highlight of the fairs. Besides, there are also other characteristic activities in celebration of the festival, such as Spring Festival carnivals, acrobatics and tea culture displays, Peking Opera, and Beijing Spring Festival Concerts.

Hailuo Valley Hot Spring

Hailuo Valley Hot Spring is located in Ganzi of Sichuan Province. In the cold February, dozens of hot springs exude from the underground with the highest temperature of 90`C. According to research, the springs there have high-quality minerals, which are limpid, odour-free and good for patients with neuralgia, gastroenterology, diabetes mellitus and arthritis. Thus, tourists who are tired of the heavy work can come to relax in Hailuo Valley Hot Spring, spending the cold winter time.