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China in March

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March is a preferred and suitable month for spring outing, for the temperature begins to rise in China, especially in South China. In South China, the weather is becoming more and more comfortable day by day and various flowers start to bloom, which is best suitable for touring and sightseeing, though there is abundant rainfall there. People in South China start to wear spring coats instead of winter clothes. In North China, it is gradually becoming warm and snow melts quickly. Melting snow absorbs lots of heat, thus, it’s still cold in North China, though not that chilly as February. The temperature in Beijing ranges from -1 to 11 ºC. Meanwhile, it rains frequently in Central China, experiencing chilly and wet weather condition.

March Packing Suggestion

North: Though it begins to warm up in the day, the temperature is below 0℃ in the evening. Thus, fleeces, down jacket and warm clothes are still needed.

Central: Thick coats, sweaters and rain capes are necessary due to the damp and chilly weather. The temperature around 0℃ (32F).

South: It becomes warmer and warmer day by day. Coats, shirts and spring pants are needed. However, it’s a little bit cold at night, thus, it’s suggested that tourists should bring some warm clothes in case of the cold air’s attacking. Besides, due to the continuous drizzling, tourists had better bring umbrellas with them, though the rain isn’t heavy at all.

Why Visit China in March?

1. The temperature stars to rise and the weather becomes comfortable in most areas of China, especially in South China, which is comfortable and suitable for touring.

2. Due to the favorable weather condition, the flowers begin to bloom in many areas of South China, presenting an ocean of blossoms. Besides, the beautiful natural scenery in South China is at its best.

3. March is not the peak tourist season. Thus, it’s not so crowded in tourist resorts, bringing convenience and comfort to tourists.

Beware of Some Conditions during an March Visit

1. Though South China starts to warm up, the continuous drizzling brings some inconvenience to tourists.

2. It is still cold and chilly in North and Central China.

Top Destinations in March


Appreciating Plum Blossom in Nanjing: Every spring, from mid-February to late-March, plum blossoms are in full bloom in Nanjing. It’s a traditional spring outing activity for the local citizens to appreciate plum blossoms on Plum Blossom Mountain. Besides, the Plum Blossom Mountain National Forest Park, covering an area of over 400 mu, is ranked as one of the top 4 plum areas in China. There are a great variety of excellent plum blossoms with numerous bright colors.


Admiring Peach Blossom in the Peach Garden: Every March, when the peach blossoms are flourishing in peach garden of Hunan Province, there are too many beautiful things to be appreciated at once. The Peach Garden is located in the peach garden County of Hunan Province.


Appreciating Camellias in Yunnan: Yunnan, with flowers in full bloom everywhere, is ranked as the top tourist destination for a spring outing. Among the various blooms, camellias are the most famous. Since ancient times, it is said that the camellias in Yunnan are the finest under heaven. Every year, from February to May, various camellias of a great variety are flourishing and competing with each other for beauty of looks.


Suzhou, situated on the shores of Lake Taihu in Jiangsu Province near the Yangtze River is celebrated as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in China. As the World Heritage site, Suzhou boasts a number of characteristic gardens, among which Suzhou Gardens are famous across the world. In March, in the beautiful sunshine, tourists can go sightseeing in a number of gardens in Suzhou, such as Humble Administrator Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Lingering Garden, Ouyuan Garden and Xiyuan Garden.


Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province is celebrated as “the most beautiful and elegant place in the world". Hangzhou boasts the most charming scenery in March and April. In March, various flowers are in full bloom in Hangzhou, such as peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, tulips and rape flowers. Besides, the well-known West Lake in Hangzhou, which can be likened to pearls, offers its pure beauty to tourists. In addition, some other natural attractions are in their best, such as Hangzhou Botanical Garden and Guozhuang Garden.

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