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Chinese Measurement Units

Last updated by meimeili at 2015/3/22

Sometimes foreign tourist may be confuses about some Chinese measurement units while they are shopping or taking a taxi in China, which might get them into a lot of troubles and cause inconveniences to them. The following table is some Chinese measurement units that are commonly used in people’s daily lives in China and the conversion with International System of Units, which foreigners may not be familiar with at all. This may help foreigners.



Names of Units

Conversion with International System of Units

Length Unit


1 =500 m


1 =10/3 m   


1 =1/3 m


1 =1/30 m


1 =1/300 m

Mass Unit


1 =50 kg


1=500 g=0.5kg


1 =50 g=0.05 kg


1=5 g=0.005kg


1 =0.5 g=0.0005kg

Area Unit


1=10000/15 m2


1 =1000/15 m2


1 =100/15 m2


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