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Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

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General Introduction

Established in the year 1985, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is the first international festival with ice and snow activities as the main content in the history of China, which is also ranked as one of the world’s top 4 ice and snow festivals, together with Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival, Canada’s Quebec winter carnival and Norway’s ice and snow festival.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin is located in Heilongjiang Province in the northeast of China, enjoying arctic climate, which is extremely cold in winter and features sufficient snowfall and ice. Thus, Harbin is known as the ice city and boasts a large number of ice and snow wonders which contributes to the holding of the annual ice and snow festival. With sufficient content and a large variety of activities, Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is a comprehensive grand meeting in winter, integrating culture, sports, tourism, economy, trade, science and technology centered on ice and snow.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival boasts the longest duration in the world, and it only has the opening ceremony on January 5th and lasts to the end of February. At present, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is the world’s largest ice-snow festival boasting the most abundant ice-snow art landscape, the most beautiful night view, the most breathtaking ice-snow recreational facilities and the most wonderful activities.

What to Appreciate and Experience

During the annual ice and snow festival, you can not only appreciate the most superb and magnificent ice and snow wonders, but also experience over 30 varieties of cultural and recreational activities and abundant ice-snow activities, such as ice bar, ice hotel, the verse club, book fair, ice-snow photography show, large-scale firework show, ice-snow film arts festival, the wedding on the ice, snow ring field, treasure hunt in the maze, ice rock climbing, playing golf and soccer on snowfield.

Besides, the festival boasts large-scale ice sculpture and lantern show exhibited in Zhaolin Park, snow sculpture show in the Sun Island, large ice sculptures exhibited in Stalin Park and a large number of ice-snow activities in Harbin Ice and Snow World which is an ice-snow Disneyland. A number of ice and snow competitions are also held during the festival, including winter swimming competition, hockey competition, alpine skiing invitational tournament and ice sculpture competition.

Top Venues to Appreciate Ice and Snow Wonders

Ice and Snow World: Ice and Snow World boasts the large-scale ice-now landscape, abundant ice-snow entertainment programs and breathtaking night view during the festival. You can appreciate the most beautiful and magnificent ice and snow wonders and various ice-snow activities and cultural recreational activities.

Sun Island: In the Sun Island, you can appreciate a large variety of snow sculptures exhibiting there. You can also feast your eyes by the largest indoor ice-snow museum in the world in the Sun Island.

Zhaolin Park: In Zhaolin Park, the world’s largest outdoor ice lantern show is held. At night, the park becomes a sea of multicolored ice lanterns. Thousands of ice scenic spots are exhibited, which are exquisite and vivid.

Opening Ceremony: January 5th
Best Time to Visit: from mid-December to late February
Tip: You’d better wear down jacket and snow boots as it’s extremely cold in winter in Harbin.

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