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How to purchase pearls and jades

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2017/1/19

Pearls and jades are deeply loved by people all around the world. They are valuable and much too expensive for ordinary people. However, some dishonest traders deceive the tourists and tend to sell seconds at best quality prices to them. It isn't easy to distinguish real pearls from fake ones. Thus, in order to avoid being deceived, purchasers should learn about some simple skills to discern real ones from fake ones before purchasing, adopting the following methods to distinguish between fakes and real ones when purchasing pearls and jades.

1. Visual sense

The shape of the pearls is not so regular. The pearls show natural and unique multicolored fluorescent luster, such as jade white in slightly translucent, yellow-white, light blue and flesh red. On the contrary, fake pearls are mainly vitreous imitations covered with the emulsion made out of silver powder or fish scales. The fake pearls usually have regular shape and uniform size, but lack of iridescence. The best color of jades is green, following by purple, cyan and red. The jades of black color are of the lowest quality. The super jades are bright and lustrous with uniform color. They are dark in color and are not variegated.

2. Feel

Real pearls feel comfortable and cool. Even in the hot day, the real pearls still feel very cool and refreshing. On the contrary, the fake pearls feel sticky. If the fake pearls are made out of pure glasses, its specific gravity is bigger.

3. In the Sun

You can put the pearls in the sun or in the bright indoor light. Pearls can’t be perfectly matched in the sun. You can see variations of pearls in their iridescence and color. However, the pearls prove to be fake ones if they are perfectly matched for color and overtones.

4. Magnification

People can also identify the pearls with the method of magnification. After magnification, you will see the characteristic ridges and irregularities of real pearls. On the contrary, the fake pearls are grainy smoothness.

5. Burning

Real pearls remain multicolored fluorescent luster without damage after being burnt. However, the fake pearls will show the color of black smoke with the disappearance of the luster.

6. Pay close attention

Check and pay close attention to the pearls and jades’ identification, trademark, the site of the producing factory and the like. Don’t be puzzled and cheated by the exaggerations of the salesman.

7. Never act blindly

You should never purchase pearls and jades blindly and impulsively. Resist the temptation of the cheap price. You had better purchase pearls and jades in jewelry sections of big shopping malls and formal exclusive shops.

8. Check Surveyor's Certificate

Remember to check if there is any Surveyor's Certificate provided by authority organization for the single commodity. Meanwhile, don’t forget to ask for shopping vouchers in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of purchasers.