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Luoyang Peony Fair

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With a history of over 1,500 years, Luoyang is a famous historic and cultural city in China, which used to be the capital of 13 dynasties in history. Luoyang is honored as the peony city that abounds with elegant and delicate peonies. Thus, as one of the birthplaces of peonies, Luoyang holds peony fair every year. Luoyang Peony Fair, one of the national four famous fairs, is held annually from the year 1983.


China Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival

In November, 2010, Luoyang Peony Fair was renamed to China Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival (中国洛阳牡丹文化节) on the official approval of Ministry of Culture. China Luoyang Peony Cultural Festival was ranked in the list of the national intangible cultural heritage. Until 2012, Luoyang Peony Fair has been successfully held 30 sessions. Luoyang Peony Fair is held form April to May every year, lasting for a month, and it has become a large-scale comprehensive economic and cultural activity integrating appreciating flowers, watching lanterns, tour, sightseeing and economic and trade cooperation.

The planting of peony in Luoyang can date back to the Sui and Tang dynasties. During the season of bloom, Luoyang becomes a sea of delicate and charming flowers with huge crowds. You can appreciate peony flowers in full bloom in many big parks of Luoyang, such as Luoyang National Peony Garden, Shenzhou Peony Garden, Luoyang National Flower Garden, Luoyang International Peony Garden, Luoyang Tulip Garden, Wangcheng Park and Luoyang Sui-Tang Dynasty Relics Botanic Garden.

Recommended Venues to Appreciate Peonies in Luoyang

China National Flower Garden

Covering an area of 1,500 mu, China National Flower Garden (国花园) should be the largest peony garden in Luoyang. Based on the history of the Sui and Tang dynasties and centered on peony culture, China National Flower Garden integrates history, culture, peony culture and garden landscape. It has over 1,000 varieties of peonies containing 380,000 peonies and about 2,000,000 other flowers and plants. In the garden, there are a number of pseudo-classic architecture statues and artificial lakes, which looks exquisite and tranquil.

Opening hours: All day
Admission fee: 40 yuan
Getting there: Take bus 83 to Mangshan Town Station (邙山镇站).

Wangcheng Park

Located in the central area of Luoyang and covering an area of 1,080 mu, Wangcheng Park (王城公园) is the only relic park in China and also the largest comprehensive park in Luoyang and even in Henan Province. Wangcheng Park is known as the cradle of Luoyang Peony Fair, containing over 800 varieties and 100,000 peonies. In the park, peony viewing area consists of Luoyang Peony Garden, Paeonia rockii garden and Boutique Peony Garden, integrating the topflight varieties of peonies from home and abroad. Blooming peonies of various colors contend in beauty and fascination.

Besides, Wangcheng Park is filled with rich cultural ambience, decorated with elegant waterside pavilions in the style of ancients for landscaping purposes. Besides, there are also wall relics of the eastern Zhou Dynasty, huge stone sculpture, zoo, play field and other recreational facilities. It’s said that Wangcheng Park features the most abundant varieties and is well equipped with recreational facilities, which is more suitable for a family tour.

Opening hours: 5:00-20:30
Admission fee: 50 yuan per person during Peony Fair
Getting there: Take bus 101, 102, 103, 9, 10, 11, 15, 19, 40, 50 or 59 and get off at Wangcheng Park stop.

National Peony Garden

The National Peony Garden(国家牡丹园), also known as China Luoyang National Peony Gene Pool, is the only national gene pool of peonies in China and the national-level peony ornamental garden. Covering an area of 700 mu, the National Peony Garden has become the largest domestic production base of peony introduction, domestication, cultivation and planting.

In the garden, there are over 1,000 varieties and about 500,000 individual peonies, including 300,000 high-quality peonies. Thanks to the superior soil conditions in the garden, the peonies here are very gorgeous with large peony blossoms and bright color. The antique pavilions, green galleries, artificial waterfalls and brook add dynamic beauty to the garden.

Best Time to visit: April 6 to April 28
Opening hours: 6:30 to 19:00
Admission fee: about 40-60 Yuan/person according to different    periods during the festival 
Getting there: Take bus 51 to National Peony Flower Garden.

Shenzhou Peony Garden

In Shenzhou Peony Garden (神州牡丹园) which is the only peony specialized garden, you can not only appreciate the gorgeous and gracious peonies every day, but also know about the internal relations between peony and the politics, economy, culture and the development of China. Covering an area of over 600 mu, Shenzhou Peony Garden has more than 800 varieties of peonies and over 300 varieties of Chinese herbaceous peonies.

The garden consists of 5 functional areas, including Peony Cultural Area where you can know about the brilliant history of peonies, High-tech Peony Area where you can appreciate blooming peonies every day, Peony Leisure Area where you can feel as if you were back to the glorious Tang Dynasty, Peony Viewing Area where you can appreciate a sea of peonies in thousands of postures and Peony Comprehensive Area where you can purchase various peony bonsais and peony crafts.

Admission fee: about 50 yuan per person
Opening hours: 7:00-19:00
Getting there:Take tourism bus 56 to Shenzhou Peony Garden directly.

Sui and Tang Dynasties Ruins Botanic Garden

In Sui and Tang Dynasties Ruins Botanical Garden (隋唐遗址植物园), there is a peony garden called Qianzi Peony Garden that contains the most varieties of peonies in China. Qianzi Peony Garden covers an area of 21.8 hectares, boasting over 1,200 varieties of peonies and 270,000 individual ones. In the garden, you can appreciate a large variety of peonies, such as the largest, the shortest and the most peculiar peonies. Besides, there are over 1,100 poems in praise of peonies and over 500 legends about peonies, which are exhibited in the form of sculptures, inscribed boards, seals, ancient letters, calligraphies or relief walls.

Admission fee: about 40 yuan per person
Getting there: Take bus 68 to the west gate of Sui and Tang Ruins Botanical Garden.

Luoyang International Peony Garden

Luoyang International Peony Garden (国际牡丹园)covers an area of 30 hectares, containing 300 varieties of domestic peonies, over 300 varieties of Chinese herbaceous peonies and over 100 varieties of foreign peonies, which is also the largest foreign peony exhibition area. Luoyang International Peony Garden boasts the most abundant Chinese herbaceous peonies of high quality. The natural flowering phase is usually from early April to mid-May and the full-bloom period is from April 1st to May 10th.

Opening Time: 5:30 to 21:30
Admission Fee: 50 yuan per person during Luoyang Peony Fair
Getting there: Take bus 83 or 27 to International Peony Garden.