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International Working Women's Day

March.8th was confirmed as the Women's Day in December of 1949.

Arbor Day

March, 12th is Arbor Day. On this day, people go out and plant trees. This Day was confirmed on the 6th meeting of 5th National People's Congress Standing Committee with Deng Xiaoping's suggestion.

International Labor's Day

May 4th Movement connected Marxism and labor movements tightly. On May 1st of 1920, commemorating activities were held in Shanghai, Beijing and Gunagzhou. Li Dazhao published an article on the magazine of The Youth. In this article, he introduced the Labor's Day and how this day be memorized in America and France.

May 1st was confirmed as Labor's Day in China in September of 1949.

International Nurses' Day

May 12th is the common day of all the nurses in the world.

Children's Day

In August of 1925, representatives from 54 countries gathered in Genevese and published a pronunciamento to protect children's rights. After this conference, Children's Day was confirmed in many countries. On December 23rd of 1949, June 1st was confirmed as Children's Day in China.

The memorial day of CPC's birthday

July 1st of 1921 is the birthday of CPC. From July 23rd to 31st of 1921, the first National People's Congress was held in Shanghai. On this congress, CPC was established.
July 1st was confirmed as the memorial day of CPC's birthday during the War of Resistance Against Japan (1937-1945).

Army Day

The Chinese People's Liberation Armey takes August 1st of 1927 as its birthday. After the founding of People's Republic of China, this day was confirmed as the Armey Day in China.

Teachers' Day

September 10th is the Teachers' Day in China. Teachers' Day is the only professional festival except Nurses' Day and Reporter's Day in China.

National Day

October 1st is the National Day in China.

Chiese people won the great victory of liberation with the leadership of CPC. In October 1st of 1949, Chairman Mao Zedong declared the establishment of People's Republic of China and the first national flag was also raised by him.

October 1st was confirmed as the National Day of China.
National Day is one of the official days in China. On this day, the whole nation celebrates it warmly.

Reporters' Day

December 11th was confirmed as the Reporters' Day in 2000. Reporters' Day is the only professional days except the Teachers' Day and Nurses' Day in China.

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