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China is an ancient civilized country. The Chinese nation is an ancient and splendid nation with a more than 5000-year civilization. Sports exist since ancient times. Wushu is a treasure of brilliant culture and a traditional exercise item with a history of several thousand years. Sports like horse riding, archery, wrestling, fishing, dragon-boat, checkers and etc. are widespread. Modern sports develop comparatively late. It was first brought to China in the early 19th century.

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Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, new political and economic situation appear in the whole country, and the development of physical education enters a new stage and makes greater progress. Over the past more than ten years, the masses sports and amateur training have been enhanced, traditional sports items have reached more than 20000, more than 2 million students take part in the training, sports of the workers and peasants develop vigorously, and the upsurge of initiating sports by the social force is in the making. Not only the state initiates it, but also all government departments, all professions, and individuals and groups do it. Public organization, groups and individuals fund sports, building playing fields and schools, and holding contests. Overseas Chinese and compatriots of Hong Kong and Macao also fund sports, and support the development of sports in China. Now, both in the city and country, men and women, old and young actively take part in sports activities, and the disabled also emerge into the sports activities. The sports activities not only include modern sports, but also new activities, such as traditional ethnic sports activities, family sports activities, sports tourism, medical sports and etc. The road before sports becomes broader and broader, and the quality of sports activities is steadily going up.