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What to Pack

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2016/1/18

It is not wise to carry too much luggage during the journey in China. The packages need to be light and compact so there are some suggestions about things to pack for the tours in China.

The basic package list

The valid passport with a right visa or travel documents is the basic thing for the tour of China. Travels also can have a copy of these documents and keep them seperately. If the original passport is lost, the copies can show the traveler’s identity which will be useful during the travel in China.

It is a better idea to change the cash into China Yuan. Checks and an emergent bank card are wise choices. Additionally, decrease the use times of a Visa card or a MasterCard on the ATM which can save more fees.

Airline tickets to China
Printing out the airline tickets to China is convenient and useful.

A guide book about China
A guide book on China and a good Chinese phrasebook can help travelers a lot in the journey.

Clothes and shoes
In winter, the weather in the Northern part of China will be very cold. To bring enough comfortable and warm clothes to protect from the coldness is necessary. Although the temperature is higher in South China, there is no heating in the rooms in most places of South China. But good hotels have air conditions in the rooms in the South China. Comfortable, warm and waterproof shoes are needed in winter.
In summer, it is very hot in China. Some T-shirts and pants are useful in summer. Besides, comfortable and waterproof walking shoes and sandals are the good choices.

Tip: Hats and sunglasses are useful in both winter and summer.

First-aid kit
Traveler can prepare some medicines during the journey in China such as medicines for protection against leech-bite in some areas. If travelers have sensitive stomach, avoid eating some uncooked vegetables and clean teeth with boiled water will be helpful.

Additional items

A Camera has been on the must lists for a lot of travelers. Don’t forget to bring the camera for the tour of China. An electric plug adapter can be definitely helpful in China because China adopt different design from the other countries. And it is British style electric plug in Hong Kong, China.

In addition, a drinking bottle is handy and useful on the journey. Toiletries such as sun block are necessary in some areas in both summer and winter such as Tibet and Yunnan Province. A pen and a notebook are possibly helpful as well.

Prepared cards with family names and telephone which can help travelers keep in touch with families in case the phone is lost.

Tip: Reserve some space to souvenirs as travelers are definitely interested in some local souvenirs in China.

What not to bring

There is no need to bring some expensive jewelry and watches on a journey. Travelers still need to avoid taking a pet such as a dog or a cat on a vacation. Because there isn’t a good service in some places in China, and it is not healthy for the pets as well.