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Xian International Culture and Art Festival

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2016/10/17

Xi’an Ancient Culture and Art Festival is a large-scale cultural tourism festival in Xi’an, which began in the year 1990 and has been successfully held every September since then. The festival usually lasts for 7 days with various activities and exciting performances, and the main activities include large-scale literature and art exchange performances, folk-custom performances, large-scale royal court fireworks, traditional culture exhibitions and economy and trade activities. The Ancient Culture and Art Festival assembles the folk art essence of Shaanxi Province, which aims at carrying forward the national excellent culture, activating the national spirit, promoting domestic and international cultural and artistic exchange, enhancing friendship, promoting the development of tourism industry, driving the economic and technical cooperation between Shaanxi Province and other countries.

The Most Exciting Performances and Activities are as follows:

Royal Court Gong and Drum: The beating of gongs and drums resound to the sky. There are also various slugs, stilts, land boats, bamboo hobbyhorses, lion dancing and dragon dancing, which are marvelous and exciting.

Large-scale Performances of Entertainment: There are a variety of theme performances about ancient culture and art and large-scale musical performances. You can also watch characteristic local operas of Shaanxi Province, such as Shaanxi opera, puppet show and shadow play. Besides, a number of literary and artistic groups from home and abroad are invited to give performances. 

Ancient City Wall Art and Literary Circle: On the ancient city wall of Xi’an, besides appreciating the breathtaking night scenery, you can also participate in various entertainment activities and enjoy characteristic performances, such as literature and art performance, martial art, Qigong and cockfighting.

Exhibition and Spot Sale of Folk Arts, Crafts and Souvenirs: There are a large variety of folk products on sale with rich local characteristics, such as folk paper cutting, clay sculptures, cloth-pasting, imitations of terracotta soldiers and horses of the Qin Dynasty, imitations of bronze chariots and horses, porcelains, tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty, wickers and embroideries of the Qin Dynasty.