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Jiangshan Peninsula

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The Jiangshan Peninsula has a very interesting geography. It seems like Mother Nature was in a really good mood when she hand-crafted this place because it is blessed with numerous natural attractions.

Of course, the beauty of the beaches in this location is renowned not just all over China but also in other parts of the world. Aside from that, the Jiangshan Peninsula is also gifted with mountains and hills which are gracefully intertwined. Being in this attraction will surely make anyone’s eyes feast with delight because of the glorious beauty that it has to offer. The horizon is adorned by amazing landscape and the sparkling body of water below it is equally magnificent.

Things to Do

Enjoying the Beaches

The most frequented spots within the Jiangshan Peninsula are the resorts. Since this place is visited by a lot of tourists every year, there are already several resorts which have been developed along the shores. The great thing is that even if this place has adapted to the modernizations, the local investors, residents and government are working hand in hand to maintain the quaint and natural beauty of the surroundings.

Some of the developed resorts are smaller while others are wide scale and more successful when it comes to luring tourists. One of the more popular destinations is the Moon Bay. This is perfect for individuals or families because of the secured and peaceful surroundings. For those who would like to enjoy the waves, they can take a dip into the beach and see for themselves how clear the water is. The shore on this part is also perfect for sunbathing because it is soft and has few rocks.

The Peculiar Stone Beach is another famous destination. Some people bring their own gear for snorkeling or wake boarding when they visit this place so they can enjoy their favorite water sports.

For those who enjoy tranquil walks along the beach, the White Wave Beach is the right option. This is longer than the other beaches and it extends to a wider area. Another destination within Jiangshan Peninsula is the White Dragon Fort. The water in this place is much calmer so it is perfect for swimming or boat rides.  

Nature Tripping

It is not just the water and the shores of the beach which work like magic when it comes to attracting visitors. Even the land area within the Jiangshan Peninsula lures thousands of nature-trippers from various parts of the globe.

The Jiangshan Peninsula is carefully preserved, especially by the government. This is also where one of the largest areas for mangrove conservation in all of China can be found. Mangroves can not be grown easily because of the delicate needs of the trees. Since the temperature, climate and geography within Jiangshan Peninsula is fitting for the needs of the mangroves. The wetlands are perfect for the growing roots of the trees. The lush greeneries flourish a lot too.

For people who would like to witness the beauty of the preserved area in Jiangshan Peninsula, they are allowed within certain spots. It has to be noted though that some areas are prohibited because the government is trying to preserve the beauty of the trees. Plus, there are also rare species, particularly birds, which have their nests on the trees.  

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It is situated along the southwest end of China's continental coastline. It is close to Nanning, Qinzhou and Vietnam.

How to Get There?
You can take a bus to Darpingpo in Fangchenggang Bus Station and get off in Peninsula Beach. It takes you about half an hour and the one-way ticket is 4 Yuan. If you want to return to Fangchenggang urban area, you can take a bus by the same route; the passengers who drive by themselves can reach the destination after passing Spanning-sea Bridge and Fangdong Highway and turning left in the Jiangshan Village by following the instruction of the roadside signs.

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More Tips:

The best time to visit the Jiangshan Peninsula is during the summer months. This is the period when tourists will be able to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

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