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White Dragon Ancient Fort

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There is a Fort on four hills respectively: Longzhen Fort, White Dragon Fort, Yinken Fort and Longxiang Fort which are called the White Dragon Fort by a joint name. Some words were inscribed on the front door “at the lucky dawn in the midsummer of the 20th year of Guangxu, the construction of the White Dragon Fort was superintended and directed by Chen Liangjie, the commander of right battalion of Qiong Army which was subordinated to Haikou camp.” This fort was well preserved so far and located on the top of the hill. The gun platform is an open-air cement structure in the semilunar shape that is about 1 meter deep and 5 meters in radius. Under the platform there is a 6 meters deep underground military base and ammunition depot. Each fort was equipped with 1 to 2 100-mm powder artilleries imported from the United Kingdom and faced Vietnam across the sea, so its position of national defense was quite important. As it also faces Shigutou Fort of Qisha over a distance and these two forts glare like a tiger eyeing its prey that were known as " tortoise (the Shiguitou fort) and snake (the Whitedragon fort) guarding the entrance to the sea ".

White Dragon Ancient Fort

Ancient Fort

The Ancient Fort

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The Whitedragon ancient Fort was known as " tortoise (the Shiguitou fort) and snake (the White Dragon fort) guard the entrance to the sea ". There are four Forts on four hills respectively: the Longzhen Fort, the White Dragon Fort, the Yinken Fort and the Longxiang Fort which are called the White Dragon Fort by a joint name and a semiluar fort platform here.

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