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Wutou White Crane Hill

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There is a 1000-mu beach in Wutou village. White sand is like pure snow and green trees make a pleasant shade on the sand, which is like a real scene of immense snowfield and forest of northern part of the country, known as " the snowfield of the southern part of the country ". Walking along several meters southwards the snowfield of the southern part of the country, several small hillocks covered with the masson pine appear toweringly at the moment, which are called Wutou White Crane Hill.

wutou white crane hill

Wutou White Crane Hill

The feature of scenic spots

Jing Three Islands is an ideal place for the growth of white cranes and egrets because the seawater is warm and fishes and shrimps are lush here. A long time ago, several tens of thousands of white cranes and egrets lived and multiplied here. They go out of the nests and go back to the nests in early morning and at dusk. On Wutou White Crane Hill, cranes’ sound curls upwards, cranes circle in the air, and white cranes and egrets’ elegant and beautiful images are all over the hills and plains. White sands, green trees and white cranes form a splendid and incomparable picture that attracts countless visitors to view and admire every day.

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