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Fangchenggang Travel Guide

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Fangchenggang Overview

Fangchenggang became a coastal opening city (at city-level) with the approval of the State Council on May 23, 1993. Covering an area of 6300 square kilometers and with a total population of 790,000, Fangchenggang has many nationalities such as Chinese, Zhuang, Yao, Jin, etc. The coastline of the whole city is 584 kilometers long and the boundary line is more than 230 kilometers long. Having 4 state-listed I harbors such as Fangchenggang, Dongxing, Jiangshan and Qisha, Fangchenggang city is located in the juncture of the coastal area of southern China and the hinterland of southwestern China. Bordering the wide southwest of China and facing Southeastern Asia, its positional advantages are very outstanding. Being along the coast, Fangchenggang offers the most convenient channel to the sea for the provinces of the southwest of China that are stepping towards the world; being along the side of the border, Fangchenggang provides many opportunities for us to cooperate with Vietnam on border trade and economic technology and is also a convenient land gateway to export products to Southeast Asian markets as well. So it became the forward position and the “ bridgehead” to strengthen the free trade between China and the ASEAN countries.


Fangchenggang City

Division of Urban districts:

At present Fangchenggang has jurisdiction over Gangkou District, Fangcheng District, and Shangsi Courty and governs Dongxing City on behalf of another. The municipal government is located in Gangkou District.

City zip code: 538001  

City code: 0770

Tips on exit:

You can buy Vietnamese merchandise on the Sino-Vietnamese border city, Dongxing and enjoy the border customs. Entry and exit formalities can be went through in the Doxing port office that is located on the bridgehead of Friendship Bridge over Beilun River. Your effective ID card can be issued and the procedure of going to Mang Street of Vietnam is very convenient and quick which costs you about 200 Yuan.