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Brian's Feedback on 6 Days Hong Kong, Beijing Tour

Contribute by  Brian from United States; Tour date: 8/26/2011

My husband, Brian, and I had a fantastic trip in Beijing.Our tour guide Jack made the trip one of the most memorable experiences we've had on any trip. We loved each every itinerary item and Jack always made sure we were entertained, comfortable, and first and foremost learning the most out of each landmark visit. Below I answer some of your questions as well as attach a few pictures we loved and wanted to share.

The Great Wall was by far the most breathtaking portion of our itinerary.The history and the grandiose feeling when walking the Great Wall was something we will never forget.

Everyone's friendliness impressed us most during our free time.

Beijing was even better than we imagined.The city is full of a rich cultural pride and we honored to have had the opportunity to visit sites and locations that the country and the culture was built upon.

Your company will be at the top of our list for recommendations.I do have to add that both our driver and our guide treated us like family. They constantly made sure we were comfortable and really paid attention to what we needed.The very first day we met Jack, we realized we left our camera on the plane during our flight from Hong Kong to Beijing.Jack went out of his way to go get the camera from the airport - that's going completely above and beyond his duties but he did it anyway. It was amazing, and we are truly thankful to him. You've hired wonderful talent!

thank you for making our trip around Beijing one of the most memorable.Many thanks to Jack!

Marianna and Brian

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The Forbidden City: very knowledgeable

Bird Nest: awesome experience

Tour Guide:
StarStarStarStarStar (Excellent, 4.92 / 5)

Attitude & Services: wonderful + very +friendly

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