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Graeme's Feedback on 13 Days Chengdu, Leshan, Emeishan, Chongqing, Yichang, Yangtze, Xian, Jiuzhaigou Tour

Contribute by  Graeme from Australia; Tour date: 10/1/2012

Dear Sammi,

I've had no access to emails until getting home. We enjoyed the trip greatly and all guides etc were excellent in every way. The highlights for us were the Warriors and also the amazing Jiuzhaigou scenic park which was also the most challenging with the lack of any English spoken at the hotel, shops etc. We were very worried after spending our money on the taxi and then being told that there no banks in town and the only way to get cash was to try to exchange dollars at the Sheraton. As it turned out there were several banks with ATM's so no problem at all. I can't believe that such a marvellous place caters so poorly for foreign tourists- it will surely change soon. Anyway, we enjoyed the adventure.

Pamela and I were very happy with your company's service and would like to engage China Highlights for the China segment of our Silk Road trip possibly in 12 months time or 2 years. We wish to visit the Great Wall and then start the Silk Road from Chengdu, by rail through Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi then via Tashkent/ Samarkand and eventually to Iran. It will be a great adventure with many side trips, taking perhaps 5 weeks.

Many thanks and kind regards.


Dear Sammi,

Please find attached some pictures from the wonderfully scenic Jiuzhaigou area. This was certainly a highlight of the tour for us and we were more fortunate with the weather than we were in the first week of the trip. As you know we travelled independently for this section without knowing that nobody spoke English and we actually needed a guide more than in other places. At 11 pm we were stuck at the airport all night, with only one taxi available to drive us for the 2 hours trip to the hotel. Also it is normal for flights from their airport being delayed due to cloud so it was fortunate that we had no tight connection to make.

Your service throughout was of the highest standard and the agents/ guides in every city were also excellent. We could not fault any of them in terms of efficiency, punctuality and helpfulness. They made good choices of restaurants for us and made sure that we did not order dishes which were not suitable for us westerners. The Yangzte 2 ship was great and we noticed that some of the other boats were not as good- it was a very good choice for us. The train journeys worked well and we really enjoyed the fast train to Chongqing. We had excellent value for money overall. Given that we came to China during the national holiday period with its heavy traffic and crowding your itinerary minimised the problem - for most of it we were on the cruise, away from cars and crowds.

We will have no hesitation in recommending China Highlights to friends. You are welcome to use any of this email in promotion.


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