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SHIMA's Feedback on 8 Days Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhouzhuang Tour

Contribute by  SHIMA from Malaysia; Tour date: 5/9/2017

Hello Ms Vanessa,

First of all thank u for your arrangement & hospitality. We all have great time in Shanghai & Hangzhou.Although it was our first time, it was a right decision to choose China Highlights for our trip.Hope we can make other deal for our next trip.

All places listed in the itinerary are all great but for me the most memorable is the trip to the Oriental Pearl Tower. We are mesmerized by the scenery of Shanghai from the second sphere. The viewing deck with glass floor is one of a kind. Although it is a bit scary at first but it was a great experience.The landscape around Shanghai is beautiful. We love walking around the city. We also impress with how the government plan the landscape to incorporate with the buildings. In the morning, we are impressed by how the people in Shanghai especially the elderly are busy with their exercise socialize at the neighborhood park.On another story, actually we are a little afraid at first when we arrived in Shanghai because people keep looking at us since we are wearing Hijjab. After a while, seem we got used to being stared. Even some of the Chinese take pictures with us and asking which country we came from. We was like celebrity in Shanghai. Its hilarious. Nevertheless, we love shopping in Shanghai that’s for sure.

Since we are Muslim, we are a little bit concern when it comes to religious duty & obligations. Glad that our request fulfilled & glad we have a guide that understand that we need to pray at certain time & eat only Halal food. Thank you to China Highlights for that. Of cause we are “wow!” with most of the building in Shanghai. Although Malaysia has many tall buildings but the building design in Shanghai is more daring. Since we are in the architecture field so that is a wonderful experience.

For myself, I’ve been to a few cities in China for example Beijing, Xi’an & Hong Kong but Shanghai is a different story. It does show a different side about people of China. Overall it is fascinating. The energy & vibe of the people are bolder.For my other friends, yes this is their first time travelling to China. So they are pretty excited & start planning to go to other part of China after this trip.Since we planned to go to Shanghai not with a full tour, we did some research about Shanghai. We somewhat already expected what we are going to go through but the true experience is memorable.

Although this is our first experience dealing with China Highlights, we thought we made a good decision. We will recommend your company to our family & friends.

Lastly, thanks to you Ms Vanessa for assisting us.


Shima & friends.

SHIMA's Tour Reviews

Overall Rating:
StarStarStarStarStar (Excellent, 3.60 / 5)
StarStarStarStar (Excellent, 3.43 / 5)
StarStarStarStar (Excellent, 2.50 / 5)

Yuyuan Garden: The place is very nice and beautiful.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower: The views from top of the tower are magnificent. So forget the queue we need to wait before.

The Bund: Nice to spend some times there. But the area are too crowded so cannot take so much time there.

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall: The exhibithin hall is closed on monday. The guide need to make sure that the place is available during our tour.

Pujiang Cruise(from South bund to Yangpu Bridge): No problems. The light at night is breathtaking. Facilities on cruise is not enough, such as stating area.

Tour Guide:
StarStarStarStarStar (Excellent, 3.58 / 5)

Attitude & Services: Friendly and nice, flexible and punctual.

Knowledge of Subjects: Typical knowledge for tour. Maybe next time tour guide is more informative on a info that customers/clients expected, make study on clients' background- specific info.

Command of English: OK, understandable. The tour guide also bring electronic dictionary which is practical.

Flexibility: Very good.

Local Arrangements: Very good.

StarStarStarStarStar (Excellent, 4.00 / 5)
StarStarStarStarStar (Excellent, 3.79 / 5)

Zhouzhuang Water Town: OK. Good experience to learn Chinese history. But maybe the tour should take more time there, feels time too short.

StarStarStarStarStar (Excellent, 3.50 / 5)
StarStarStarStarStar (Excellent, 3.90 / 5)

Cruise in Zhouzhuang: The journey is far but worth the time.


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Tour Overview

  • 8 Days Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhouzhuang Tour
  • Tracking Code: VA100217042
  • Customers: Mr. SHIMA
  • Group Size: 5 people
  • Nationality: Malaysia
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Tour Date: 5/9/2017

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